The photographs you will see as you browse through these pages are the property of me, Lew Hofmann (except for a few categories in the Neat Stuff column). They are not for commercial use without my permission - not to imply that they are all that great. In fact some of them are lousy, but I did take most of them, and I logged a lot of miles in doing so. Thus if someone was to make money off of them rather than me, it would piss me off - especially since I don't know how to do it. means within the last three months.


 Neat Stuff
Mom - Remembered

 Ute Pass

Wildlife Collection

 My Ranch

 Green Mt. Res.

 Grand Canyon

My House

 On Byers Peak

 County Road 3

 William's Peak

 Silverton Train

 Monument Valley

 Ben & Me

 Byers Canyon



 Morning View


 View from my deck

 Corral Peaks


 Two Great friends

 Former Supervisors

 Mt. Rushmore

 My Sister & Me



 My Brain

 Mt. Beauty

 Jasper Nat. Park



 The Campus

 Work and Play


 Bull Rider?


 Ranch Hands

 Actually a Park



 Lake Moraine

 Great Wranglers



 A Family Shot

 Cowboy Breakfast


 Saturday Night



 Shoveling Snow

 Mosquito Pass



 My Backyard


 Snow, Snow, Snow

 My New Lots

 Old and New

 My Other Sister and Me

 A Nice House

 Back Road

 Room With a View

 Some Locals


 Living Room

 RR Bridge

 Kansas Sunset


 Steam Engine


 Black Jack

 Grimes Peak Trail

 The Walk

 My Girl

 Kaiser Divide

 The Visit


 Dillon Reservoir

 The Beach

 The Squaw Effect


 Getting a lift

 Dead Horse?


 East Coast Women


 Beaver Slide

 New York City



Foul Play

 Bad Behavior


Free Range Chickens


 Gore Canyon


 Mr. Cool

BackAgain Spring??

 The Early Days

 William's Fork

 A Grave Situation

 The Toga Party

 Plotting escape?

Rocky Mt. Nat. Park
My Class

 The Wranglers

Fun in Kansas
Laying Pipe  A Friendly Sign

Montana Fire

The Girls  Colorado Traffic Jam Banana Girls
Water Dog  Rabbit Ears Pass

Campus in May

Lisa On The Road Ohio River
Brandon Fly Fishing Lindsay
A Relative? Everyday Life Butterfly
Prospector Rayne and Allison A Walk In The Woods
Busy Beavers Winter Feeding A trip to Las Vegas
J & L Ranch Nuclear Explosion Dead Horse Point
Farmer Lew Steamboat Springs Fire Native Rock Art
Horsing Around Rainbows Desert Life
The Old Farts Byer's Peak Arches National Park
How Embarassing Back Yard Details Pegmatite Dikes
Biker Spraying for Beetles Texas View
Mafia Granby Damage Dust Storm
Christine Haying Season Fall Fun
Basement A Dogs Afternoon Bears
Brandon & Holley A Nice View A Great Vacation
Halloween Greetings from CO Shuttle Launch
Why I love teaching Colorado Springtime Dead Animals
Lakota Why I Was Late Born Again Christian?
Doggles Sunset Flowers Ohio Winter
My Stockbroker Relaxing in the Mts. PA Winter
Wood Hauling Calf Roping Romanian Trip
The Band  Cataract Lake Minneapolis
Bandits  Kebler Pass Slate
My Commute  Driving To Town Alaska Playground
Midwestern Women Byers Canyon RR Cool winter scenes
Friends  Mountain Living Appoloosa Textures
Homecoming Colorado Sunsets Ricketts Glen
Summer Fun  Ute Pass Springtime at the Zoo
Rappin'  Spring Snow Fall Art
My new friend  Summer Vacation Rainy November
 Front Door For Bird Lovers Franklin Arboritum
 Cow Girls? A lazy day  NJ Swamp
 A June Day Swallows Humming Birds
 Dugan Sleeping Indian  
 BarLazyJ Branding Time  
Me Bullet2 BulletPanoramas Bullet2