Some Interesting(?)Web Sites

Okay, so they aren't my favorite sites, but they are interesting. I have already gotten in trouble with my site host for one of the links that I had here that changed hands after I listed it and was considered by some to be sexist. Of course the site was an all-female site, and no nudity, so I'm not sure why it was considered sexist. Therefore, I must emphasize the following disclaimer - which was here before, but obviously unread by the %$&# feminist who complained.

DISCLAIMER: The sites listed below do not necessarily represent my opinions or beliefs. They are listed because I found some element of appeal. I do not revisit them every day, so some might change their focus or ownership without my knowledge. I am not responsible for their content. I'm sure almost everyone can find something, somewhere in these links that might not be politically correct. If you wish to complain, you may call 1-800-Stuffit.