I've been writing short, non-fiction stories about my life for the last 25 years. I do it for personal enjoyment, and when I become senile these will become new experiences once again. I was filing most of them and forgetting about them. It seemed like a terrible waste of good writing (my opinion), so I decided to put them on my web site. Besides, it's a lot easier than trying to get them published. The ones with "new" after them mean they were written in the last three months, and the ones with * after them were actually published.

In Chronological Order with the most recent at the bottom. I occasionally update some of them, but I do not change their order.


A Wrangler's Last Day*

Bunny Huggers*

Born Again

The Trip

Ethics 502*

Heading West


Eating can be addictive

Moving to France

The Great Escape (fiction)

Reality Check

It's Tradition

Ten Years

A Moving Experience

The Horses Are Loose*

No Trespassing

The Mountain Man

Let's Go For It*

The Simple Life*

The Porch*

The Worst Night Ever*

The William's Fork Incident

Decision Making

How Many Bs make an A

My Favorite Year


Going to Church

The P.I.*

Airlines & the Novice

The Wedding


A Dangerous Man

The Toga Party

The Visit

Jail Babe Service

The Sunrise


Animal People Kansas Evening
The Arrival Medical Insurance
The Omen Vacation Days
High Tech Marketing

"Kemo Sabe" explained

Who the hell is Clare Erber? Jeff & Traci's Wedding
In The Trenches Phony Business
The Girls The Curse
Acquired Taste Life in the 1500's
End of Vacation Observations
Saying Good-Bye A Bad Deal
Capricorn Bubbaville*
Turning 60 The Practical Joke
Personality Contest Eating Bananas
Babies* Bras
Lawns A Day in Colorado (Fiction)
Chasey Lain

The Weather

Fitness Ong
Dressing Up Cowboys and Indians
Saks 5th Avenue My Hometown
Tolerance The Best of Plans
Traffic Control Cyber Matchmaking
Live Bait Management Education
More Observations Worm Holes
The Parking Lot Adult Education*
Nothing Of Mice and Women
Sleeping with Cats Federal Express?
Values Enough
Dogs A Laughing Matter
Kick Ass Teaching
Mystery at Booger Bottom Transformative Change
The Last Time AAA
Jeff Sheep Riders
A Reformed Driver Sailing
Math is Depressing The Belmar Beach Hotel
Buy Me... Making Money
Breasts Fees
The India Connection AT&T Wireless Sucks
Snatch Miracles – And Other Annoying...
The Idiot Worm Virus Hey Dude
Who Was Glenn Miller* Not Antelope!
Strategic Planning Facade
Disasters I Miss Those Days
Nature Sucks! I Don't Understand
Cabela's Status Quo
Assessment Academia
Lifting Concrete Folding Underwear
Killed by Donkeys A Red State
Context The Blood Rule
The Pine Tree Reno
Boot Fitting Small Towns
Wordsmiths A Point Of View
Lay or Lie Chasing Rainbows
The Roomba Just Add Water
Misplaced Priorities Lessons
Room Temperature Genetics is why I'm Stupid
Sugar Pill or Acupuncture? Two Cents
Personalities Religion and Politics
Falling In Love Friends I've Never Met
Relationships Delays
Names Impressions of Bucharest
Whatever Happened to... Weird and Unexplainable
Bicycles Symantec Sucks
A Changing Culture Selling A Friend
What Is he Thinking? You Never Know
Laurie On Being Alone
Seriously, Folks How Many Cookies?
The Art of Procrastination One Nation Under God
Missed Opportunities "You Know..."
Toyota Prius Christmas Cards
The Cost of Education Coffee
The Dumbing of America A Social Perspective
The Fast Life The Age of Bullshit
Do It Yourself A Lack Of Relevance
My Very Eyes Everything Happens For A Reason
Brauts and Do-Rags Cutting Wood
What's The Rush The Shed
Student Satisfaction Fashion
Tattoos Enduring Goals
Taking the "social" out of networking It's How You Say It
Dead Musicians "See If These Help."
On Being Selfish Expectations
Wild Animal Bird Poop
Blogs Who Says It's Cheap
What's a Life Worth? It's South Jersey
Too Much The View
God Awful The Colonoscopy
Yahoo IQ End Of Semester
It's All Greek To Me Literature or Art?
Questions What the hell...
Oooo Garmin
Complaining It's All About Culture
Dog Crap Off On
Art Vs. Artist Symantec Sucks (Part II)
The Dog Ate My Homework Expiration Dates
Thanks For The Memory Stupidity
Reflections For The Love Of Dogs
The Hockey Puck Theory Geography
The Fine Print What I've Learned
Really? Waiting to Die
Things I should not have said Black Thursday
Memories from the 40's Retirement?
On The Wings Of God