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These photos are from a cemetery just east of Virginia City, Nevada. The cemetery is very old, as western cemeteries go, dating back to the gold rush days. The cemetery had not been maintained, and most of the graves were unmarked - their headstones broken, missing or made out of wood that had deteriorated. Most of the old graves dated around 1860-1890. A majority of the readable markers indicated that Virginia City had been populated by immigrants. It was customary to list the person's native country on his or her grave marker. The countries I saw represented included Germany, France, England, Ireland, Nova Scotia, Prussia, and Scotland.

The photo directly above is a view of the cemetery from eastern edge of Virginia City. The top left photo is a view of an old wooden grave marker with Virginia City in the background. The bottom left photo is a hillside covered with unmarked graves. There are a lot of lost memories in this cemetary.