Maybe Halloween?

Fixing Fence - Summer 07

Rabbit Ears Pass – August 8, 2007

Homecoming 2006 with Jennyfer Nesci

July 23, 2006

Ruth Murphy and I after cutting three truck loads of wood. July 30th, 2006

On the PI float, July 4th, 2006 parade in Grandby.

The Gunfighter

I look like I'm in the US Calvery - 1869

The mean, classic look.

Pam and Me at Horseshoe Lake, June 27, 06


Before the wind blew my sunglasses off and broke them.

A cowboy once again.

Homecoming November 2005

June 2005 in Colorado with my friend Kris Cureton

Me emailing you (Lousy computer camera)

Relaxing on my deck in Colorado, summer 2005.

Playing at the Ranch

Our CD Cover!

Country Singer Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood (It's the same spot where our group plays.)

Bad photo of Country Singer Lee Greenwood -- same location.

Summer 2005 with the my friends (Hogan family). She is a former collegue (PhD in Finance)

With the Hogan kids.

Pam and Me at the Parshall Inn

At Fran and Harvey's Wedding (July 2005)

In Las Vegas (July 2005)

Mojave Desert (July 2005)

Salt Lake, Utah (July 2005)

Mojave Desert Wind Farm (July 2005)

Homecoming 2004

At a Wedding - Fall 2004

Me and Bubba, August 2004

Dressed for School with my Wallace and Gromit tie and shirt.

I'd been to a funeral for my neighbor.

Elk skin and Fox - Colorado (My Christmas Card photo for
2004 -- without the green wreath strategically placed.)

My friend Erin was visiting from Iowa - July 2004

Hiking in Colorado - June-2004

At my sister's in May 2004

July 2004 -- Behind my house in Colorado

Me working in my basement -- Spring 2004

On a trail ride with Bubba and Nina - August 2004


May 18th, 2005 in Ohio. (Me, cousin Anne, my sister Janet and her boyfriend Jim, Aunt Marty- 92 years old)

May 28, 2005

Me and Fiona, May 28, 2005