This is John Brown, my good friend, stockbroker and financial wizard. He just retired his Brittany, Punkin, from hunting after their last hunt together on Sunday, February 27th.  "She is 11 1/2 and spends most of the day between a slow stroll and a slow trot. She did  point a big covey of quail and retrieved one that I shot so she is retiring on a high note. Like hitting a home run the last time you bat.  But it was sad. She was really worn out when this was taken late in the afternoon."

Here John is at the post office. The guy on the left is what John will be like in a few years - white shoes and all.
I told John that this photo reminded me of the expression, "Turd in a punch bowl". He didn't appreciate my humor.
My portfolio is down in value by almost exactly what his new motorcycle and accessories cost. Hmmm...