Virtually all Native American Rock art is either painted on rock (pictographs) or chipped into the rock (petroglyphs). Pictographs were done using various colors from minerals and/or vegetation mixed with some type of binder - possibly blood. The painting was done in caves or overhangs where it was protected from the weather. Petroglyphs were usually done in sandstone, but can be found on other types of rock.

The pictographs and petroglyphs seen here I photographed in southern Utah in and around Canyon Lands National Park. They were done by Native Americans during the period from 700 to 1000 years ago. The petroglyphs depicting horses and riders are typical of the Ute and Navajo natives of the period. The sheep and human-like figures were probably done by the Pueblo.

There is much debate as to why the Native Americans did this. Even the experts are not sure if the art tells a story, or if it was just a type of graffiti.