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Posted on 10/13/10

Hi SETA Newsletter members, Thank you so much to those who wrote articles for the newsletter. The articles were great, and Kelly and I really appreciate all of your help. If you weren't able to attend the SETA meeting tonight, we passed out copies of the newsletter. I will bring a few extra copies to our next meeting if you would like one, but Cynthia will also be including an electronic form of the newsletter on our webpage shortly. (Dr. Palmer-- I gave Cynthia a few copies to drop off in your office) Next general body meeting we will discuss the theme for our next issue. Try to brainstorm topic ideas and bring them with you. One idea I was contemplating focusing on is the idea of what to do after student teaching (applying for teaching certification, jobs, etc.) This is just one idea I have, however, and I hope for us to come up with a few more before ultimately deciding which one to choose. Thanks again! -Nicole Thompson