Hi! Welcome to SETA's Mentorship Program. If you are not yet a member of the Mentorship Program, then you can e-mail the SETA account to join.

What is the Mentorship Program? Secondary Education students will share information with each other about the Secondary Education program. An upperclassman will be the mentor and a freshman or a sophmore will be the one mentored. We will attempt to match up the students with a mentor within their content area.Currently, we are working with a group mentoring, meaning that all those in one content area will meet together not one-on-one.

What is the goal? SETA's goal is to help students create a sense of community with others with the same major and for students to have help with any questions that may arise. One of the biggest issues is likely to be advisement, and our upperclassman will ensure that those they are mentoring receive accurate information and have all the extra advice they need. Also, our upperclassmen have already gone through these courses and will be able to explain how the courses work and what they consist of.

How will mentors have this information to impart? Our mentors are upperclassmen so that they have the experience necessary to guide others.

When was this created? SETA's Mentorship Program is new to the 2009-2010 school year. SETA began to realize that many issues faced by members could be helped by having mentors. After SETA created its own mentorship program, we became aware that the Senators of Education also wanted to create mentorship programs for all education groups. SETA's Mentorship Program is run directly by SETA, but we work in conjunction with other education groups and our education senators.

Where is the list of mentors? SETA has decided not to post a list of our current mentors and those they are mentoring for privacy concerns. This may change in the future. Do to this change, the format of this webpage may be changing.

How do I join? Currently, you can e-mail the SETA e-mail account with the following information: your full name, your e-mail, contact information, your content area, your year. Only juniors and seniors can be mentors; freshmen and sophmores will be the ones mentored.