Okay, so you want to get invovled with SETA, but you aren't sure exactly what type of "things" SETA does that you could also do (not counting our meetings). Well, you came to the right place. This page lists the events that have run, are currently running, will be running the entire semester, and will soon be running. (The Resources page lists completed events from previous years). While the list sometimes gets a little behind (people come up with new ideas all the time), it is generally a comprehensive look at what SETA is doing. Pick an item, any item--pick more than one if you want--, get more involved and find out what makes SETA so great.

Please e-mail any suggestions to seta@tcnj.edu - Subject: Event Suggestion(s) Also, if you are interested in helping run one of these events, please e-mail SETA - Subject: I Would Like to Help Run an Event.

This page is always under going severe updates. The Spring Semester of '11 is ending/over.

Events running through out the Spring '11 Semester

*Lesson plan collection

On our website we have a section for lesson plans. These are here to help future teachers (and new teachers for all those graduates) have an idea as to what they are doing. However, we don't really have all that many. So, one of our exec members is going to be taking up a "lesson plan collection." If you would like to help please e-mail SETA at seta@tcnj.edu - Subject = Lesson Plan Collection .


The idea of a newsletter was raised in 08-09 by Danielle M. Petrosino. The Newsletter will cover somethings touched upon in SETA meetings, but it is also to give advice to current Sec Ed majors from other Sec Ed majors, to help education students stay up to date on what is going in "the real world" with respect to education, and more. Want to contribute? E-mail the newsletter. The newsletter can be found on the website if you did not get a printed copy. Check the Newsletter page for copies of the newsletter, and the committee page for information.


Our very own historian will be working to capture the moments of SETA in picture format. This will document our fun times and provide an insight into the world of SETA for all secondary education students and all students in general. Coming soon:Posting of pictures to website.

*Mentorship Program - Service, Informational, Advocacy

Taken from the idea currently used by accounting, SETA has set up a mentorship program for Secondary Education students. As of now, juniors and seniors will be mentors with freshmen and sophmores as those being mentored. This is to help with problems that students come up with anything related to secondary education. Likely the number one resource will be help with SCHEDULING and REGISTRATION. Seniors and juniors, don't fret. The information that you are to provide should be first being told to you by faculty. Please sign up to be a mentor or to be mentored. E-mail your name, contact information, and content area to seta@tcnj.edu. For more information you can also contact SETA through e-mail.

*Gathering Opportunities for: Working Together: TYC, KDP, Dreams

We are looking to have more collaboration on campus with other organizations. What do you think would be a great event for us to co-sponsor? For us to start with another group co-sponsoring? Send your ideas to seta@tcnj.edu. Everything relevant is welcome!


We are going to undertake a huge new project that hopefully has wonderful payoffs. We are going to compile a list of where TCNJ students are teaching. Things will follow, such as discussions with said teachers and viewing job opportunities. Some questions may be similar to "are we being prepared to teach all students (urban/suburban)?"

*Committee for New Webpages: "Backgrounds" and "How To Deal With..."

These two webpages will be compiled from information provided by students that are doing/have done JPE (JFE) and/or student teaching. They are designed to help students understand what they might encounter in JPE and student teaching and what to do about it. This project will require a lot of input from students that are doing/have done JPE (JFE) and/or student teaching. Any help that could be provided will be appreciated. No student will be named, no school will be named, no co-op will be named - all identifying information will be removed. For a better description please visit the rough outlines of Backgrounds and How To Deal With....

*Committee for ...

Well what do you want a committee for? Get your idea turned into a committee!

*Adopt a Classroom - Service, Advocacy

We have adopted a library this time! our goal is to attempt to help make this library a better place for all the students. Under "Currently Running Events" you will see the small details of this plan

*BIG EVENT - Speaker - Taylor Mali - Advocacy, Informational, Social

We are working to bring Taylor Mali to TCNJ in the spring. We are doing this in coaltion with TYC, DREAMS, KDP, STD, and Lion's Eye. We need a total of $4,000. There will be small "events" that happen surrounding this and they will be listed under "Currently Running Events." Update: We are fully funded. Update: The date is set!

Currently Running Events


This semester SETA will be holding elections for officer positions.

*Last Meeting

Our last meeting this semester will be on March 25th. This meeting will be run by the new e-board that is elected. It should be all kinds of awesome.

Upcoming Events for Spring '11

(These events have planned dates in the near future)

Events in the works for '10-'11

(These events do not as of yet have set dates)


Details to follow.


We will be ordering more t-shirts. They may be sold as a fundraiser on their own, or they may be sold at the Big Spring Event.

*Working in coalition

We are in the works of planning events and service opportunities with other groups.

*Panel - Informative

Q&A session from those who have completed their JFE to help ease any worries rising juniors have about JFE

*Panel - Informative

Q&A session from those who have completed their student teaching to help ease any worries rising seniors have about student teaching

*Panel - Informative

Q&A session from those who have done global student teaching

*NJEA rep.

To come to a meeting to enroll students

Completed Events '10-'11

View completed events from previous years on the Resources page.

(Title) - (Type):(description)

Big Event: Taylor Mali - Service, Informational, Advocacy, Social: Taylor Mali will be coming as our guest speaker on Tuesday March 29th. More infor to come. This is our big event for the spring. Keep an eye out for ways to get involved with this big event.

Co-sponsor Meeting for Taylor Mali: Once again, thank you for deciding to help co-sponsor SETA's major spring event, featuring Taylor Mali. There will be a meeting next Thursday, February 3rd, at 8:30pm in the SSB Atrium to discuss details, publicity, and a time-line of events leading up to his performance on Tuesday, March 29th.

Movie Social (GB 2/21): Fun with peers and a movie. During our GB meeting on 2/21 we will be watching a movie titled "Bully" in the library aud.

Spring Activities Fair: It is held on 2/23 from 10 to about 3. Stop by and see our table! Help us spread the word about SETA!

Adopt a classroom - Books: We are currently planning a book drive for the library. More information to come. Please e-mail the SETA account if you would like to help. For now, you could bring book donations (contemporary books of appropriate reading age) to SETA meetings.

First GB Meeting: Our first GB meeting of Spring '11 will be held on 1/31/11. For more info on meetings in general, check out the meetings page. At this meeting we will be discussing:*Adopt-a-Classroom, *after-school tutoring opportunities at nearby schools,* TAYLOR MALI!, *future panels, *movie socials, *SETA’s newsletter. Also there will be an incentive. This incentive might look suspiciously like cupcakes.

Banner Design: We are looking to design and hang up a banner for SETA.

Coolest Meeting Ever - Service, Informational, Advocacy, Social:Come join SETA for the last meeting of the semester! We're going to be discussing ideas for next semester as well as making bookmarks, drinking hot chocolate, playing games, and eating cookies! All things you obviously don't want to miss! Also, if you have any books you'd like to donate to TCHS, please bring them to the meeting.

Teaching Panel: During our 11/15 meeting we will be holding a panel. The teachers will be from Branchburg Middle School and within their first 5 years of teaching. Questions will range from "how well did TCNJ prepare you" to job interviews. Please feel free to bring your own questions.

Resume WorkshopHaving trouble trying to fit everything on one page? That's because education majors don't have to stick to the one page rule. Learn about more tips like that during our resume workshop lead by experts. The tentative date right now is 12/1.SNJEA decided to host one on the same day, so we felt there was no reason to divide resources

Group Mentoring - Informational: During our 11/1 meeting and for a bit afterwards we will be holding group mentoring sessions.

Ice Cream Social - Social: During our 11/1 meeting we will be offering ice cream.

Coldstone - Fundraiser: We held our coldstone fundraiser on 10/18, with drivers offering rides. We had a wonderful turn out and thank you to everyone. However, we only make 10% and found this type of fundraiser to not be very efficient.

Movie Night - Social

Terhune Orchards - Fundraiser: Multiple dates avaliable. For every volunteer we raise $90. Update: This fundraiser is complete and was very successful.

*Make it a MAJOR

[One of our continuing goals is to make Secondary Education a major. Currently it isn't really called anything. This is not a plan to change any requirements. Merely for Sec Ed students to have what other Ed majors do. First, it would allow us to say we are double majoring--as we are. Second, it would give advisors for the Sec Ed part.] We have succeeded. We are now Dual Majors!

Activities Fair - Informational