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How To Deal With...

During JPE, one can run into a situation that wasn’t yet expressively covered in education classes or just a situation that is very shocking. We have asked students doing their JPE and student teaching to talk to us about their experiences. Sometimes the co-op and the student teacher have very different views on a subject. Sometimes the co-op or a student says something very shocking. Sometimes a situation that is very hard to prepare for just pops up. We have compiled this page because we felt that the subjects touched upon here could help prepare other students for their JPE or student teaching. Some of the insightful comments will come from the student, the co-op, or a professor. This page is here to allow other students to learn from someone else’s past experiences so that if the situation ever comes up in your JPE or student teaching senior year, then while you have never had the situation before you still have experience with it.

No real names will be used. Pronouns will be switched. Basically, any extraneous information that is not pertinent to the situation will be excluded or changed.