Below is a rough draft of what the intro to the page will look like. The page design is also still in the works.


Following here are some the backgrounds on classrooms that a TCNJ student might encounter during JPE(JFE) or student teaching. They will give a brief view of what is applicable, possibly including but not limited to the student, the classroom, the co-op, the co-opís method, and the TCNJ studentís teaching experience. The teaching experience is covering what happened when it was the TCNJ studentís turn to teach. It is done in general, non-judging terms to give other Secondary Education dual majors a brief view of what they might encounter when they make it to the classroom. No real names will appear, including but not limited to the names of the TCNJ students, co-ops, and schools. All TCNJ students will be given ďlabelsĒ (e.g. Student A) to identify them on the Backgrounds page. The labels from this page (Backgrounds) will not carry over to any other page; students mentioned here likely have not contributed information to any other similar page.