Thursday, 20 January, 2022.
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Current Staff

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Emily LaBeaume


Emily's Photo

Emily is a senior English major with a special interest in Creative Writing. She has been replying "a writer" in answer to the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" ever since she could speak. Emily also loves gardening, cooking and pretending she's a rockstar in her car or in the shower. She hopes to work in the publishing industry while continuing to create her own material.

Amanda Pini

Treasurer/Reviews Editor

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Amanda is a junior English major at TCNJ. She enjoys reading, writing and being creative, though maybe not in that order. Amanda also writes for the Signal News section and tutors Writing and English for the Tutoring Center.

Karissa Hearn

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Health Editor

Karissa with a K is a junior journalism major and marketing minor with a love for owls, dancing, and caramel lattes. She spends her time hanging out with friends and spouting fun facts without knowing if they're true. After she graduates next May, she plans to move to the Carolinas and start her own magazine.

Alexandra Ronk

Opinions Editor

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Alex is a sophomore English/ Secondary Education major. Her passion is writing, but once she gets her hands on a good book, she won't put it down until she finishes it. Alex is also an active member of TCNJ Musical Theatre (TMT) and absolutely loves showtunes and Disney movies. 

Chalese Leven

Features Editor

Chalese's Photo Chalese is a sophomore Journalism major and communication studies minor. She has wanted to be a writer ever since she saw Harriet the Spy in the second grade. She loves 90's music, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and ice skating with her friends. Her favorite magazines are Newsweek and Entertainment Weekly. After college, she hopes to find herself working in either P.R. or the magazine industry.

Liz Carbone

Business & Government Editor

Liz's Photo Elizabeth is a sophomore political science major and is planning to minor in both biology and professional writing. She is a member of the Pre-law Society, Roots and Shoots, Ink, Debate Team, Ed2010@TCNJ and the honors program. Her favorite things include her friends, family, the beach and her amazing beagle Shiloh.