Thursday, 20 January, 2022.
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Unbound is a forward-thinking magazine written mainly for young adults. This does not mean we want juvenile subjects or immature prose. We are looking for intelligently written stories that provoke thought and ask questions of the readers. Stories can be submitted for any of the following sections: Business and Government, Opinions, Features, Lifestyles, Arts and Leisure and Health. Stories can also be submitted for the editors to decide on placement.

Queries should be submitted to the appropriate section editor along with a detailed outline and/or proposal. Completed stories will be considered at the editors' discretion.

Submitting Your Work

Stories should be submitted in HTML format or ASCII text format and include the author's name, phone number and e-mail address. A thorough source list including phone numbers or e-mail addresses should also be submitted. They should not be term paper stories but should be reported using legitimate sources and quotes whenever possible. All relevant information for checking the article for accuracy should also be included. This includes transcripts and/or tapes of interviews and photocopies of written sources. Any stories without this information will not be considered. Submissions cannot be returned.

Unbound accepts submissions from everyone. Writers do not have to attend The College of New Jersey to contribute. We want strong, passionate writers who want to contribute to the best of journalism.

We do not want...
  • Autobiographical material (unless it is substantially backed up with real sources and is a timely, interesting topic)
  • Poorly written, dull prose
  • Clichéd metaphors
  • Dated material (unbound is published biannually. Material MUST be timeless or written without specific dates.)
  • Graphic pornography or language (Unbound is proud to accept edgy material, but in the interest of taste, reserves the right to keep the material within context. We will not accept material intended only to shock.)
  • Works of fiction
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