Production Team: Rich Kroth, Rena Jordan, Mark Kalinowski, Susan O'Connor, Deanna Biase, John Laughton, Judy Smedley, Cathie Allison

Program Committee:Juan Bello, Winslow Burleson, Brett Busha, Michael Casey, Elaine Chew, Parag Chordia, Dan Ellis, Morwaread Farbood, Rebecca Fiebrink, Michel Galante, Grady Gerbracht, Fabien Gouyon, Ozgur Izmirli, Youngmoo Kim, Miroslav Martinovic, Andrew McPherson, Kazuhiro Nakadai, Doug Riecken, Robert Rowe, Meredith K. Stone, Jennifer Wang, Gil Weinberg

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General Chair: Teresa Marrin Nakra

Program Chair: Andrea Salgian

Performance Chair: Roger Dannenberg

Creative Work Chair: Chris Ault

Performance Committee: Dan Trueman, Gary Fienberg

Creative Work Committee: Margaret Minsky, Warren Buckleiter

Production Coordinator: Rita Patel Eng


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The workshop registration fee is $120; a reduced rate of $60 is available for students and for those who wish to attend one day only. **Please note: after March 25, registration fees will increase to $130/65.