Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We have an observatory?! Where the HELL is it?


A: Check out this cool map. The big red dot is where the dome is located. Follow the red line into the science complex, if you follow it properly you should be standing in the archway bewteen the physics and chemistry building. On your left is a door going inside the physics building, open it and go to the door to the stairs. Go all the way up the stairs and you should see a blue sign saying observatory. Go through the door and you'll see one door going to the roof, and another going to something called "Pre Action " something or other. That's the door you want!


Q: What should I bring?


A: If it is cold bring a heavy jacket, you'll be outside for a while. If you are in an astronomy class you should bring one of the observing sheets from the main page under links, and a pencil. Since it is dark while viewing is going on a red light will be provided for writing.


Q: What do I have to do?


A: If you are in an astronomy class an observatory tech will assist you by showing you various objects in the sky. You'll draw them in the blank spaces on your sheet to the best of your ability. After that the tech will give you the RA and Dec of the object for you to write in. You must get the sheet signed in order for it to count, and half filled sheets cannot be signed.


Q: Hey, wait-- I have another question that you didn't answer! Is anybody actually alive here?


A: Yes. Feel free to email the observatory at if you have any other questions.