Welcome to the TCNJ Observatory!

Observatory Information


CONTACT: vega@tcnj.edu

SPRING 2020 Hours:

Monday - Thursday

8:00PM -10:00PM

Are we open? REFRESH YOUR PAGE and check the notice above! Decision may remain pending until as late as 8:00PM (although it normally shouldn't!)

If the website still says "Closed" by 8:05PM please assume the observatory is closed

First time here? Please check the FAQ section above!


The College of New Jersey has two observatories. The dome situated on top of the physics side of the science complex is currently open for use by all astronomy classes as well as the general student population. Visitors are welcome at anytime during our Fall or Spring hours which are listed above. The second dome over the chemistry building is currently being used for research purposes and is not available for public use.


Important Note: The observatory is a big metal dome which we open up to the night sky. It is not heated, and as such it is just as cold if not colder than the air outside. Please dress or plan accordingly! Due to this, the observatory will not open if temperatures are below the freezing point!


Please note: The website is not updated until late!! This is to make sure that we get the correct weather for the day, as the weather forecast is often wrong. Please realize that the observatory absolutely CANNOT open in the rain! Furthermore, cloud coverage hinders observing and can also prevent opening. The website will be updated by 8:00PM at the very latest. If the website still says CLOSED by 8:05PM assume the observatory is closed.