Executive Summary


The TheraPress 1600i (TP1600i) is an innovative leg press machine that improves upon current rehabilitative practices. It is designed for the overwhelming number of patients who suffer from knee osteoarthritis as well as degenerative or injury related knee pain. The TheraPress incorporates a holistic approach and recognizes the equivalent importance of the ankle and hip joints in knee health. As its design entails, the machine provides rehabilitative assistance and strength training for various leg muscle groups, including the quadriceps and hamstring. The inclusion of such a device in a physical therapy regime will lead to faster recovery time and enhanced knee performance.

Points of Improvement

The TP1600i's design is to be superior to any other leg press machine currently available on the market. Its unique design will improve the knee rehabilitative process in three distinct ways:

Muscle Targeting - The TheraPress will utilize sensory parameters of electromyography (EMG) to map the exact locations of both muscle activity and inactivity. Moreover, it will exercise these underused muscle groups through appropriate resistance levels and electrical stimulation.

User Involvement – studies have demonstrated that patients are motivated by visual cues that assess their performance in resistance training programs. The TP1600i will have an extensive user interface that illustrates the patient’s progress and muscle performance and guide them through a superior workout. Additionally, it will enable the patient’s physical therapist to have a more thorough understanding of where the patient requires areas for improvement.

Reduced Recovery Time – the TheraPress incorporates a scientific-based approach whereas many rehabilitative practices rely exclusively on patients’ feedback. The onboard software will be programmed in accordance with the most current research regarding knee osteoarthritis and rehabilitative techniques and will significantly reduce the amount of time necessary for recovery.

Target Market

The TP1600i will include a variety of complex components and its expense relative to other leg press machines available for purchase may exceed that for home use. For these reasons, it will be best suited for a physical therapy environment. With the initial assistance from a physical therapist for setup protocols, both the user and machine itself will be able to control and adjust the intensity of the exercise.