Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity

Rush PhiAD

The goal of the rush period is for Greek organizations to provide information to everyone who is interested to learn about or possibly join an organization. Interested men who seek to find out what the Greek system has to offer usually have a million questions, all of which are answered during the rushes. Rush events are set up during the rush period through the Inter-Greek Council at the college to allow interested men to meet the brothers of Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity and to give the brothers a chance to meet you. By going to a variety of Rushes, students develop a better understanding about what Greek Life has to offer. Rushing also helps you find the organization that is right for you.

If you decide to rush, make sure that you attend several different organization's rushes, rather than just one, in order to get a better idea of what organization suits you best. Rushing is an active process, so be sure to think of questions that you may have for organizations and be prepared to answer questions that the fraternity might have for you. Rushes should be a relaxed environment and you should be made to feel comfortable through out the rush. Feel free to attend alone, with a friend or with an entire group. This is your time to get to know the organization to aid in your decision.

With so many fraternities to choose from, it might seem difficult how one can make a decision that will affect the rest of their college career as well as their post-college life. Most importantly it is necessary to find a fraternity that you fit into, one that exemplifies the qualities and values that are most vital to you. Each fraternity has a different feel and a different group of members, so the next question should be what makes Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity stand out from the rest?

Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity prides itself in its extensive history. Founded in 1925 at the college, then known as the New Jersey State Normal School at Trenton, Phi Alpha Delta is the oldest fraternity on campus. Since 1925 the fraternity has created a massive base of alumni who prove every day "once a brother, always a brother". Our alumni support has been an amazing factor in the growth of the fraternity and continues to strengthen each year. More about our alumni and history can be found on other parts of our website.

If you are looking to further develop your technical awareness, professional mindedness, and social competence, feel that you would make a good brother, or simply would like to find out more about Phi Alpha Delta, come show your interest at Rush this season.

-Michael Levy, Alumni Advisor