student performances from the Interactive Music Programming course at TCNJ in Spring 2015:

I teach the following courses at TCNJ:

Electronic Music (MUS345/IMM250) (runs every semester)

This course introduces students to electronic music studio techniques, including MIDI, sequencing, sound synthesis, sampling, mixing, and audio production. It also covers theoretical and historical developments in the field of electronic music, including a review of compositions, styles, and technologies. Students create their own musical compositions in the computer lab. Open to students of any major. Approved for Liberal Learning credit in Literary, Visual & Performing Arts.

Audio Signal Processing (MUS335/IMM351) (Fall only)

Students will learn how to use audio production software on the Macintosh platform, through musical tasks such as score notation, orchestration, and composing. They will also develop quantitative skills in digital signal processing, through technical tasks such as analyzing, filtering, and synthesizing audio data. Software packages include Pd, Finale, Logic, and Audacity. This course satisfies the Liberal Learning Quantitative Reasoning requirement.

Interactive Music Programming (MUS336/IMM350) (Spring only)

This course will help students develop interactive music programming skills using the Macintosh operating system (OSX). We will use the MAX/MSP development environment to send and receive MIDI messages and process audio streams in real-time. External controllers and sensors will be used to shape and perform musical selections. Final projects will demonstrate both technical and musical skills in composition, interactivity, and/or improvisation. This course satisfies the Liberal Learning Quantitative Reasoning requirement.

Past Courses taught:

New Interfaces for Musical Expression (IMM470)

Conducting Robots (MUS370)

Musicianship 1, 2, 3 (MUS261, 262, 263) (integrated music theory, ear training, and sight singing)

Game Design (IMM370)

Audio Recording and Production (MUS337/IMM251)