About Dr. Teresa Marrin Nakra

I serve as Professor of Music, Design, and Creative Technology at The College of New Jersey. I hold a PhD and MS from the MIT Media Lab, and a BA in Music (magna cum laude) from Harvard University. My scholarly and creative work focuses on musicianship and expression in the development of interactive music systems. I am best known for my work to quantify the gestures of orchestral conductors and apply their data to enrich user experiences. I have also created interactive animations to accompany live musical performances, and have worked to coalesce my local community around its rich and diverse musical legacy through the Trenton Makes Music project.

At TCNJ, I serve as the Coordinator of the Music Technology area and oversee the new Interdisciplinary Minor in Music Technology. I serve on the editorial board of the Journal of the Association for Technology in Music Instruction, testified as a fact witness at the International Trade Commission in a case involving Nintendo, and have presented my work in multiple concerts with the Boston Pops and Boston Symphony Orchestras. My interactive conducting exhibits have been experienced in museums, music festivals, and concert halls across the United States, Europe, and Japan. My work has been profiled in the New Yorker Magazine, the New York Times, CNN Headline News, BBC World Service, and the Associated Press. My students have gone on to prestigious graduate programs and careers in music technology, audio & media production, acoustics, digital fabrication, robotics, computational biology, and composition for films and video games.