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In my lab we study the the genetic regulation of early development in vertebrates, and in particular in the teleost fish, Danio rerio (zebrafish).  We are particularly interested in several aspects of the maternal regulation of early embryogenesis, and the molecular regulation of kidney development.  

Current investigations focus on the translational control of maternal mRNAs through cytoplasmic polyadenylation and the masking of maternal mRNAs during oogenesis and embryogenesis by mRNA binding proteins.  In addition, a series of new experiments have been initiated to study the role of a signaling pathway in the development of the pronephric duct.  

Examples of current projects include the analysis of polyadenylation by PCR, the investigation of RNA/protein interactions by microinjection, the investigation of translational control by immunoblotting, and the investigation of pronephric duct migration by microinjection and in situ hybridization.


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