Mozart - age 7 Maria Anna "Nannerl" Mozart - age 12
  Mozart's sister
Leopold Mozart - age 44 Maria Anna Mozart - age 43
Mozart's father Mozart's mother

9 June                               Tour begins. Used their own carriage and brought one servant Sebastien Winter.

10 June                             Wasserburg. They arrived after midnight and stayed at "Zum goldenen Stern."

12 June                             Munich. Arrived in the evening and stayed at "Zum goldenen Hirschen."

13 June                             Nymphenburg.

22 June                             Departed Munich.

22 June                             Augsburg (2 weeks).Arrived in the evening. Stayed at "Zu den drei Mohren."

  6 July                              Ulm via Günzburg. Arrived in the evening. Stayed at "Zum goldenen Rad."

  7 July                              Departed for Ludwigsburg via Cannstatt.

  9 July                              Ludwigsburg. Arrived in the evening. Stayed at "Zum goldenen Waldhorn."

12 July                              Departed Ludwigsburg 8:00 AM.

12 July                              Bruchsal via Vaihingen an der Enz.  Stayed at "Zum Riesen."

14 July                              Schwetzingen. Stayed at "Zum rotten Haus."

after 19 July                      Heidelberg. Stayed at "Zum drei König."

                                         Mannheim (3 days).

                                         Worms. Stayed at "Zum Schwan."


  3 August                           Mainz. Stayed at "König von Bretagne."

10 August                           Frankfurt by boat. Stayed at "Zum goldenen Löwe."

12 August                           Frankfurt. Stayed on Bendergasse 3

18 August                           Concert in Frankfurt

31 August                           Biebrich



13 September                     down the Rhein

17 September                     Koblenz. Stayed at "Zu den drei Reichknonen."

27 September                     Bonn. Stayed at "Zum goldenen Kappfen."

28 Brühl

29 & 30 September            Köln. Stayed at "Zum heiligen Geist."

30 September                     Aachen via Jülich (3 days). Stayed at "Zum goldenen Drachen."

                                                Maas river



                                                Tirlemont (Tienen)

                                                Leuven (Louvain)

4 October                             Brussels

18 November                       Paris (7 weeks)

24 December to 8 January    stayed at "Au Cormier"


mid February                        Mozart ill with throat inflammation.

10 April                               Departed Paris

19 April                               Arrived Calais (3 days)

22 April                               Arrived Dover

23 April                               London (4 months)

                                            Stayed at the "White Bear" iin Piccadilly.

24 April                               Lodging with a barber John Couzin at St. Martin's Lane

6 August to 25 September   Chelsea. Leopold is ill. Stayed in "Five Fields" Row

                                            K. 10-15 Sonatas for Klavier and Violin

                                            K. 16 Symphony No. 1 in Eb Major

25 October                          Mozart at Court








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