Dr. Gevertz   Jana Gevertz

  ProfessorEmail: gevertz {at} tcnj {dot} edu 
  The College of New Jersey   Office: Science Complex P246
  Department of Mathematics & Statistics Phone: 609-771-3314 
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About Me

I am an experienced PhD mathematical modeler with twenty years of experience in building, validating, and simulating fit-for-purpose models specifically in the areas of oncology and immuno-oncology. I have extensive expertise in sensitivity analysis, uncertainty quantification, model selection, solving optimization problems, and proposing model-informed experimental design recommendations. I have published high impact work on treatment resistance, virtual populations, identifying optimally synergistic combination therapies, and minimally sufficient experimental design.

I received my undergraduate degree in Mathematics with a minor in Biology from Rutgers University. My Ph.D. in Applied and Computational Mathematics was done under the supervision of Dr. Salvatore Torquato at Princeton University.