Ellena Adia - Website

Using the interface between drawing and video, Ellena investigates the disparity in cultural values while illustrating the displacement of growing up in an American culture under Asian influences.

Sarah Andresen - Website

Sarah’s work focuses on oranges with tattoos; something permanent on objects, that like the human body, change and is impermanent.

Christine Austin - Website

Through gesturally interactive digital installations and images, Christine explores how man’s integration into the world of technology is slowly bridging the physical and the virtual world.

Heather Bethune - Website

As a visual diary, Heather’s art confesses her innermost secrets, thoughts and emotions associated with her life as a survivor.

Emily Kneis - Website

Using domestic materials as a reference to the expendability of our culture, Emily creates abstractions of the relationship between our population and the natural environment.

Mariah Mclaughlin - Website

Mariah uses unusual humor in a series of video performances to draw on ideas of identity and how the human experience is transformed through the lens

Jessielyn Palumbo - Website

Jessie’s work references dreams and commercialism; vivid colors and digital manipulations abet surrealism, as well as the beautification of her photographs.

Alexis Richards - Website

Using unorthodox materials, Alexis considers and challenges social preconceptions, transforming the grotesque into sculptural objects that hold weight and tension.

Sara Seich - Website

Creating photorealisticly rendered paintings based off of observational research, Sara’s work emotionally engages the viewer with unsettling imagery.