Susan Foster and John Baker, Clark University

Alison Bell, The University of Illinois

Michael A. Bell, Stony Brook University

Scott Christy, Anchorage, AK

William Cresko, The University of Oregon

Frank von Hippel, Northern Arizona University

The Extended Evolutionary Synthesis: an Integrative Research Program

National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) working group:

The Evolution of Polyphenism


   Ehab Abouheif, McGill University

   Tami Cruickshank, Indiana University

   Ian Dworkin, McMaster University

   Susan Foster, Clark University

   Cris Ledon-Rettig, Indiana University

   Armin Moczek, Indiana University

   David Pfennig, The University of North Carolina

   Carl Schlichting, The University of Connecticut

   Emilie Snell-Rood, The University of Minnesota

   Sonia Sultan, Wesleyan University

   Mary Jane West-Eberhard, Smithsonian Tropical Research