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Ph.D., 1994, CUNY Graduate Center

Areas of Specialization:
Early Analytic Philosophy
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind

Selected Publications:
G.E. Moore: Early Philosophical Writings, (co-edited with Tom Baldwin).
Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.

On Kripke. Wadsworth, 2002.

On Fodor. Wadsworth, 2000.


Research Interests:
For the past few years I have been working on the early philosophy of G.E. Moore. In 2007 I received a Franklin Grant from the American Philosophical Society for work in the Moore archives.

Recent Articles:
“He Was In Those Days Beautiful and Slim”: Bertrand Russell and G.E. Moore, 1894-1901, Russell: The Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies, n.s. 28 (winter 2008–09): 101–26

On the Origins of the Contemporary Notion of Propositional Content: Anti-Psychologism in 19th Century Psychology and G.E. Moore’s Early Theory of Judgment, Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, 39 (June 2008): 176-85.

A Defense of Common Sense, in G. Hardcastle and G. Reisch (eds.), Bullshit and Philosophy, Open Court, 2006.

Phone: 609. 771. 2524

E-mail: preti AT tcnj DOT edu

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