CSC399 - Internship

Internship Coordinator: Dimitris Papamichail

COVID-19 UPDATE: To accommodate students that may be planning to register in CSC 399 in the Fall for a summer internship, we are making the following changes to the internship requirements:

1. Although the 200-hour work requirement remains, work does not need to be on-site.
2. The on-site visit will be conducted virtually (via teleconference) in all cases.


For the purposes of this course, an internship is an applied experience. That means that the student must apply what she/he has learned in the classroom.

Students can (and are encouraged to) pursue job opportunities, independent of whether they receive college credit for them. Below you can find information about the requirements and process to enroll in our internship course, CSC399.

You cannot register for CSC399 through PAWS. You have to fulfill the requirements listed below and follow the process described below.

The department offers the option to register in CSC399 in the Fall for an internship taken in the summer.


Please read carefully the following:

The Process

Step 1: Attend an internship information session

Internship information sessions are offered twice in each of the Fall and Spring semesters. Announcements are made starting approximately a month within the semester. Slides can be found here.

Step 2: Find an internship

While the department attempts to promote and locate internship opportunities for its students, you are ultimately responsible for obtaining the internship. There are many methods to secure an internship including the following approaches:

Step 3: Apply for and register in CSC399

Once these documents are reviewed and approved by the department, they will be forwarded to the Assistant Dean of the School of Science for further review and approval, after which Records and Registration will register you for the course.

OVERLOAD: If you plan to overload on the semester you are registering for CSC399, you will have to fill a Request for Increase in Maximum Course Load and deliver to the CS Department Chair.

DEADLINES: Please submit all documentation as early as possible. For summer internships for which you plan to register in the Fall, documentation should be received by May 15th. You are not guaranteed registration in CSC399 in the Fall if you submit your material after May 31st.

Step 4: On site experience and visit

Try to achieve internship goals as early as possible. Keep track of your activities and update a working copy of your Internship Report.

Site Visit:

Step 5: Deliverables - Report, Essay, Presentation

If you perform your internship in the summer and register for CSC399 in the Fall, you are required to deliver electronic copies of the Internship Report, the Poster, and the Reflective essay before the first day of classes in the Fall.


Does my internship qualify for CSC399 credit if unpaid?
Receiving payment is not one of the requirements for registering in CSC399.

Can I register in CSC399 during a Summer session, Winter session, Spring semester, etc.?
You can register during any period during which requirements can be fulfilled, and the process remains the same. For any semester/session other than the Fall, please contact the internship coordinator for more information about feasibility, timeline, and deadlines.

I am uncertain of the eligibility of my internship offer for CSC399 credit. How do I find out?
Please read carefully the requirements above. If in doubt, please contact the internship coordinator by email, visit during office hours, or request an appointment. Be ready to provide a detailed description of internship job responsibilities and mentoring plan.

I need to graduate and have not taken one or more of the prerequisite courses. Can I still apply for CSC399?
Requests to waive prerequisites are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Be prepared to justify the reason you have not satisfied the prerequisite requirements before your senior year.