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Streaking OP50

NOTE: OP50 is the bacteria used to seed NGM Plates.


  • Disposable Pipet Tips
  • Gloves
  • LB Plates
  • Stock Plate of OP50


  1. Wear gloves while performing this procedure.
  2. Pick a small amount of OP50 from an old, stock plate of the bacteria using a pipet tip. (Figure 1)
  3. Spread the bacteria back and forth onto a small area of new plate. Make sure that you use a light touch so you don't slice the agar. (Figure 2)
  4. Use a new pipet tip and streak the newly- added bacteria outwards from an area near the end of the initial streak.
  5. Repeat the process one more time using a new pipet tip. See the figure below for the final streaking pattern. (Figure 3)
  6. Grow overnight at 37°C.
  7. Remove from incubator in the morning and store the new OP50 plate(s) at 4°C. They will be good for a month or two, or if they become contaminated.


Figure 1.

Pick the bacteria off of a stock plate using a disposable pipet tip.

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Figure 2.

Spread the bacteria on the new LB Plate using a light touch.

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Figure 3.

Streaking patern of the new OP50 plate.

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