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Growing OP50 to Seed NGM Plates


  • Disposable Pipette Tips
  • L-Broth
  • Snap-Top Plastic Test Tube (i.e. Falcon, 352051)
  • Stock OP50 Plate


  1. Transfer 3-5 mls of L-Broth to the test tube(s). Make sure to do this using sterile technique. Flame the lid and top of the original L-Broth when you open it and when you close it to maintain sterility.
  2. Pick a small amount of bacteria using a pipette tip off the original plate and transfer it to a tube of L-Broth. (Figure 1) This is easier if you have the tip on a micro-piptettor, rather than just the tip alone. (Figure 2)
  3. Let the test tube(s) grow overnight in an incubator/shaker at 37°C.


Figure 1.

Pick the bacteria using a micropipette.

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Figure 2.

The micropipette makes it easier to put the bacteria down inside the tube.

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