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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common problems in multimedia rooms. If your problem is not described here, please contact the help desk at x2660

[Projector Problems] [Computer Problems] [VCR / DVD Problems] [Document Camera Problems] [Other]

Projector Problems

1. The PC image is not centered on the projection screen.

If this problem occurs, press the "PC" button a second time. This will correct the problem and the image will be centered on the screen

2. I can not get my laptop to display on the projector

Make sure that dual monitor display is enabled on your laptop. This is usually accomplished by pressing the "Fn" key and one of the Function Keys (F1- F12). There will generally be an icon that looks like 2 computer screens or the button will say "CRT/LCD" on it. On College Supplied Laptops, press Fn-F8.

Computer Problems

1. I can see the computer on the projection screen, but not on the monitor.

Make sure the monitor is turned on, by pressing the power button. Also make sure the green light underneath "PC" is lit. If it isn't, press the "Source" button repeatedly until it is. 

2. I don't hear any sound.

If you're using the PC, make sure the computer's volume is turned up by clicking the speaker icon near the clock at the bottom of the screen. Also make sure the system's volume is turned up by pressing the "Volume Up" button on the control panel on the desk.

3. How can I have a custom program installed on a multimedia workstation?

Contact your department's Information Technology Support Specialist. If you are unsure of who your department specialist is, contact the Help Desk at x2660.

4. Can I store data for my classes on a multimedia workstation?

No, to provide a more stable and reliable computing environment, any changes a user makes, including adding data files, are automatically wiped out when the system is shut down, and the next time the computer is started, the computer is restored to it's original state. If you need to store data for use in your class, we highly recommend storing it to your H: drive, which has the added bonus of making your data accessible from any computer on campus, including all multimedia, lab, and COW computers. Your data is completely secure on the H: drive, and can not be accessed by anyone except you.

VCR / DVD Problems

1. I pressed PLAY on the VCR, and nothing is showing up on the screen. 

  • Make sure you have pressed the "VCR" button on the control panel, this lets the projector know you want it to display the VCR.
  • Make sure the power to the VCR is on. Press the VCR power button if necessary.

2. The sound and/or picture on the VCR has static in it. 

Occasionally when playing an older or worn out tape, the VCR's auto-tracking is unable to adjust itself automatically. If that happens, you can adjust it yourself by pressing the Channel Up/Channel Down buttons on the VCR, located just to the left of the place you insert the tape.

3. My recorded DVD does not play

If the DVD was recorded on a DVD Camcorder or a computer, make sure it was finalized. Also, support for various recordable DVD formats may vary. For best results, MTSS recommends ONLY the use of DVD-R discs. We can not guarantee compatability of DVD+R, DVD-RW. DVD+RW, or DVD-Ram discs,

Document Camera Problems

1. How can I improve the quality of my transparencies on the Document Camera? 

Adjust the lighting on the document camera using the Light button. Press the button until the lower lights are lit. If you are in the Science Complex rooms P117 and P317, press the button marked AWC, which will color-correct the image.


1. Who do I contact if I need training in a media classroom?

You can get training by filling out the Training Request form.

2. Which classrooms are Media ready?

The list of Media classrooms grows every semester. The find the most up-to-date list of classrooms and the equipment in them, visit our web page, at

3. What classrooms are Closed Captioning capable?

A list of all classrooms equipped with closed captioning is available at All DVD players on campus also have closed captioning capability. We are working to increase the number of closed captioned classrooms on campus. If you have any specific needs, please call the Help Desk at x2660.


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