Milchgasse 1                                                                                                      Colloredo


After the success of Idomeneo in Munich on January 29, Mozart traveled to Augsburg to visit his cousin - the "Bäsle" where he stayed until March10. While in Augsburg, orders came from Colloredo to join him in Vienna; the six week leave of absence that Mozart had originally requested now had turned into four months. He had no choice but to report to Colloredo in Vienna. Returning to Munich on March 10th or possibly the 11th, he was on his way to Vienna on March 12th arrving there on the 16th. This finial change of permanent residence would emancipate him from the Archbishop once and for all, and begin an estrangement from his father Leopold which would last for the remainder of their lives.

When he arrived in Vienna, he was assigned living quarters at the House of the Teutonic Order near St. Stephan's Dom (Cathedral) until about May12, when he moved from this residence into the apartment of the Weber family at Milchgasse 1.The Weber's lived on the second floor of this building referred to as "Zum Auge Gottes." Here Mozart composed the first act of "Die Entführung aus dem Serail." A plaque placed near the entrance of the building reads: "In diesem Hause wohnte Mozart im Jahre 1781 und componiert hier seine 'Entführung aus dem Serail'." (Mozart lived in this house in 1781 and composed his "Abduction from the Seraglio.") Of interesting note, Mozart moved out in August to avoid the continuing gossip about he and Constanze. A letter to his father attempts to convey his concern.


Mon Très cher Pére!                                                                       Vienna, 25 July 1781                                         


I repeat that I have long been thinking of moving to another lodging, and that too solely because people are gossiping . . . because I am livinig with them, therefore I am going to marry the daughter. There has been no talk of our being in love. . .


Wolfgang Amadé Mozart

In that same district and not far from the Weber residence is Peterskirche where Mozart's fourth child Theresia (b. Vienna, 1787; d. Vienna, 29 June 1788 - cause of death, intestinal cramp.) was baptized. The Godmother was Maria Theresia von Trattner.  



Peterskirche - view of altar


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