Rauhensteingasse 8 - as it looks today

Rauhensteingasse 8 - Mozart's last residence

On September 23, Mozart and brother-in-law Hofer set out for Frankfurt am Main to attend the coronation of Leopold II.(Franz Hofer was a violinist in the orchestra of St. Stephan, and married married Constanze's sister Josepha on July 21, 1788) While Mozart was away, Constanze moved into what would eventually be their last residence and where the composer would die on December 5, 1791. In this house Mozart composed the last Piano Concerto in Bb Major K. 595, the Concerto for Clarinet in A Major K. 622, some string minuets and Kontretšnze and the famous Requiem K. 626. It was here his sixth child Karl Xaver was born on July 26, 1791. The building where Mozart sang portions of the Requiem with some of his close friends such as Franz Hofer, Benedikt Schacks and Franz Gerls and where he died, has been subsequently demolished and a department store Warenhaus Steffl erected in its place. On the fifth floor - in the music department - limited space has been set aside in a crowded corner, and there, are displayed some Mozart memorabilia including an unworthy bust of the composer.




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