After the third Italian journey and the return to Salzburg, the Mozart family - in late Autumn - moved across the Salzach river to an address referred to as "Tanzmeistersaal" (Dancing Master's House) in the Makartplatz 8. It was an eight room house located on the former Hannibalplatz where Mozart lived until his departure for Vienna in 1780. Nannerl lived there until her marriage in 1785, and Leopold remained in this house until his death in 1787.The Mozarts gave many private concerts here; some including the singer Josepha Duschek from Praha (Prague) and several four hand works featuring Wolfgang and Nannerl. Notable works composed in this house are the Symphony No. 25 in G Minor K. 183 (the little G Minor), Piano Concerto No. 1 in D Major K. 175, the Concerto for Bassoon in Bb Major K. 191 as well as the operas "Il ré pastore and La finta giardiniera (for München).


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