"ZumWeissen Orhsen"- Fleischmarkt 20

Johann Heinrich Ditscher's house - Tiefe Graben 16


Schönbrunn Schloss




On October 6, the Mozart family would arrive in Vienna. Their journey - by post-boat (Wasserordinaire) - would take them to Mauthausen, Ybbs, and Stein. This would be Wolfgang's first trip to the Austrian city and they would remain there until mid October. The first few days would be spent at the inn "Zum Weissen Ochsen" and later at the residence of Johann Heinrich Ditscher in the Tiefe Graben 16. It was here after Mozart played for the Empress Maria Theresa at Schönbrunn Schloss that he developed "scarlet fever" and had to remain in bed for ten days.


On November 4, after Mozart had recovered from an attack of scarlet fever, Leopold took him to this church located on Karlsplatz.                                                   





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