MAGIC is a three-year collaborative research project lead by The College of New Jersey and Yale University funded by the National Science Foundation, Earth Scope, IRIS, and GeoPRISMS. This project will focus on studying the structure of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle in the area of the Appalachian Mountains. Students and faculty will be installing a series of 28 closely spaced seismograph stations stretching from the Atlantic coast of Virginia to the western boarder of Ohio. These stations will record earthquake data allowing the imaging and modeling of the hidden geological structures deep below the Earth’s surface as well as explain the origins of the Appalachian Mountains and Mid Atlantic geography.

The seismographs will be installed and collect data for two years before being removed cleaned, re-calibrated, and redistributed to other scientific institutions as part of the EarthScope Flexible Array program.

Mid Atlantic Geophysical Integrative Collaboration