Visiting Writers Series (VWS) takes place in the fall semester and is organized by the Writing Communities course. The class members host three visiting writers and choose three writers to read the following year. ink helps to spread the word about these fantastic events at our meetings and through publicity campaigns.

Master Series The Masters Series takes place in the spring semester, and usually comprises a Master Lecture and a Master Class. We host two big-name writers to give either a reading and lecture or to workshop the writing of a selected student from the creative writing minor. These events are always quite special.

The Student Reading Series (SRS) takes place two or three times each semester and gives students a chance to perform original work for an audience of their peers and professors. In the past, students have performed poetry, prose, interpretive dance, and the bongos; in other words, be creative! Applications are typically due within the first month or the semester and can be downloaded here and submitted to or to the ink mailbox in Bliss Hall. For questions regarding the SRS, contact Alicia Cuomo, SRS coordinator.

Coffeehouses are informal get-togethers where ink members and their friends can enjoy an evening of coffee and snacks while sharing original pieces. Students are encouraged to attend whether they would prefer to read their own work or take in the work of others. Occasionally our coffeehouses are themed, such as our fall 2011 Halloween Coffeehouse and our February 2012 Love/Hate Coffeehouse.

The Goods is an all-day student arts festival held once per semester in the Rathskeller. Students are encouraged to apply to do just about anything; in the past, we’ve had people read original poetry/prose/lyrics, play musical instruments, freestyle, present original artwork, demonstrate tai chi, perform acoustic covers of popular music… the list goes on. Each installment of The Goods is capped off with a reading by a featured visiting writer. If you want to perform, click here to download the application.

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