IJIMS Playbook

IJIMS Video :

A short video describing why programs like IJIMS are so important for middle school education.
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Research results are available. Please contact Dr. Ursula Wolz at ucwolz AT gmail DOT com for research protocols.

Planning for an IJIMS Summer:

Preparation for the week-long camp requires preparation from college facilities, undergraduates, teachers, and the planning of interviews, beats, and schedules.

Letters and Forms

As our staff worked on the program as an NSF-funded project, we had to have the following forms as well. If you intend to run the program as a funded project to be assessed/documented, these forms will also be necessary.

The Summer Camp:

By "Kids' Week", or the week where the students come to the college for the camp, activities have to be scheduled, interviews have to be finalized, and presentations about journalism and computer science must be prepared. "Beatbags", or bags containing all essential tools for students to use during interviews, must also be completed.

Other Resources

Journalism and Interviewing Tools


Café is an online publishing suite we developed just for IJIMS. It allows the students to experience all of the steps of publishing in a clean, easy-to-use interface.

For more information and a download link, click here.