The undersuits are perfect covering from head to feet. They are so arranged as to be a perfect protection. They are economical as regards amount of cloth and washing. One suit comprising drawers, chemise and cuffs. The stockings are drawn over the drawers, doing away with the necessity for any devices to hold up the stockings. Nothing has been invented in the shape of stockings suspenders that are not injurious in some way. It will be readily seen that there are no bands around the waist as is the case where drawers are worn in the usual way. No one's hips can support drawers or petticoat bands without injury to the kidneys and bladder in men, and to those organs in woman, besides the more serious effect of a pressure upon the internal organs of woman. They are directly over the fallopian tubes, ovaries and top of the uterus injuring by inflaming, as well as prolapsing.

All kinds and classes of evils show their own legitimate effects in a diversity of ways, unexpected as well as anticipated, for no evil stops with a single result. To such an extent is this true,

(93) Reform Undersuit Illustration


that the most logical and metaphysical are filled with surprises regarding what were yesterday casual discoveries, and reliable evolutions of thought, and with expectations regarding what is to-day acknowledged to be buried as "unknowables." Years and ages elapsed before some features of the mighty predictions in regard to "the sins of the parents begin visited upon children's children," were seen in their unmistakable truths, as antenatal results. But no mind can fully compass this prediction of the seers, or rather the philosophical metaphysicians of the past. Even to-day but few rush back to causes for lessons of prevention but blindly walk forth with their sophistry regarding cures, in the shape of prisons, asylums, almshouses, midnight meetings and reform schools.

An opportunity is afforded to illustrate the deeprooted, and wide-branched antenatal evils both in China and America, since a hundred-thousand Chinese have come to our Western shores. Only about ten thousand of these are women. Fashion in China has made women helpless, and therefore crippled their morals by crippling their feet, and unfitting them to perform the active duties of life.

And so the home work is done by men. The outrageous crippling of women all over by dress, unfitting all American women for the duties of life, both among the rich and the servant classes, has


made it imperative that men should take the places of house servants and maids of all work. This demand is supplied by the Chinamen. They perform all the household duties the same as a girl would do, and is it at all surprising that, being so constantly with women and girls of the family, (men with all the passions of men without much culture of brain) is it, we repeat, surprising that with only one China woman in the country to nine chinamen, that such men should by both foul and fair means improve sexual opportunities, since a large number of even this small number of China women are used exclusively by American men? And there men, the husbands and fathers of their employers.

The American women before and since their residence in the far West, fount it impossible to employ white girl labor without their husbands and sons having sexual commerce with them, and now the tables are unexpectedly turned, and husbands and fathers can no longer expect purity at home, except where it is from intelligence and not from ignorance and protective exclusion. Men's wives all over the country are ripe for anything since their husbands, through the language of the nerves, and in so many ways have proved their own course in life, and unwittingly paved the way for their wives and daughters to walk therein.

As true as the needle points to the pole, is the con-


dition of the women of the country ebbing with billow swiftness to the heartless shoals of sexual license.


The question of dress and the social evil is so great that we can but mention the same in this work. We quote from men and women as follows:

Here I wish to call attention to another point of practical utility--the relation of dress to prostitution. Long ago I observed that in peasant life, where dress was loose and simple, illegal prostitution was nearly unknown. In cities, where cost in cut and quality of dress are extreme, the greatest proportion of prostitutes to the whole population is found. Investigation has even proven that the excess of costume and adornment exhibited is matched by excess proportionate in social vice and intemperance generally. It is found that of abandoned women not over one in twenty are so from choice, not over one-fifth from real necessity, and the majority are so from a desire to dress as richly as the wealthy when their earnings are insufficient. Dress and the fatigue of laboring in its perplexities is the first inducement.

T.W. Organ, M.D., Ohio

That woman should be the victim to customs so demoralizing and destructive to the highest good of all is the misfortune of her sex, the curse of the race. How intelligent aspiring women can consent to


drape themselves in costumes that are a badge of servitude and an emblem of imbecility is a problem unsolved. To philanthropic minds, so subjects seeking the general welfare appeals for aid with more reason than this of substituting comfort and freedom for torture and tyranny in dress.

Considering how it cripples the physical and dwarfs the mental faculties, how aesthetic culture and soul aspiration are defeated, we find pressing incentives to earnest effort for its overthrow.

Brave souls with persistent energy consecrate their lives to the service of humanity.

S.L.O Allen,

South Newbury, Ohio.

I sympathize with all who cry and sigh for deliverance from the fickle yet persistent goddess--Fashion, who subjugates nearly all the women of our land. It astonishes me that they so easily yield, when their freedom needs but general revolt. How can a man think his daughter equal to his son when she finds satisfaction in bonnets, sleeves and skirts that forbid achievements, and he is intent on vast interests?

Women have always been slaves, and are, if not wholly on the chattel principle, they consent to be so shackled and feebled by fashion, that the few who know what they want have not mind-force to put on the means of power, the emblems of liberty, and take both as fast as able.

Of all the difficulties with which she now contends, none is more serious in direct and remote bearings than the dress imposes. The great thing in the way of deliverance is that fashion makes her dress

[between page 96 and 97]


    1. Lungs.
    2. Heart.
    3. Diaphragm
    4. Spleen
    5. Stomach and part of liver.
    6. Intestines
    7. Uterus
    8. Vagina
    9. Bladder
    10. Anus
    11. Spine

The first principle to be observed in dress, is perfect freedom of motion for every muscle. There can be no restraints without injury, not only to the particular part, but to every part, through the law of sympathy.

There should be such an equal distribution of clothing, that the blood may circulate freely. This cannot be the case without an equal temperature, for the blood is expelled by cold to respond to the invitation of heat. This is also true regarding the circulation of the nervo-magnetic vital fluid. Which is expended so largely in transporting the ordinary clothing of women.

The man who loads his beast of burden with utterly useless gearing, would be considered idiotic or insane; but what shall we say of him who oppresses woman because she relieves herself of utterly useless weights and locomotion obstructors?

[illustration of organs of chest, abdomen and pelvis]



not only the symbol of her sex, but of inferiority because of sex. I care not so much that sex be shown by her dress, as that it thereby compels her to suffer disadvantage in the use of her powers.


Danville, N.Y.

Would that I could encourage weak, deluded women to be true to themselves, abandon slavery to fashion, and gain strength to fulfil life's duties joyously!

Mrs. S.E. Michener, California.

Men and women while acknowledging the ravages that fashion makes on health, insist that the style we substitute must be beautiful, and that garments clothing the legs separately are homely and unattractive, though exceedingly convenient. They do not reject the most deforming device of fashion. The difficulty is plainly here: long habit and transmitted tendency have so accustomed the mind to follow the frequent changes of fashion that it readily assumes that the last style is preferable, and accepting without comparing and choosing for itself, individuality is silenced and weakened, and only the false notion that drapery alone is feminine, speaks in taste. Conceding the point of a general chain of consistency, all that is required to make a natural dress beautiful is use. If long use can make the caricatures that licentiousness and avarice have palmed on the ages appear beautiful, have no fears that something comforting, strengthening, liberating and rejoicing will not prove beautifying.


While bodies are caged in the petticoat badge of dependence and inferiority, minds and souls are subject to evil, psychologizing wills and cannot command themselves; whereas crowns of strength, joy and sufficiency, with choice of place in the exercise of power await the Unbound Woman.

Fearing to put forth endeavors because all cannot see and approve the purpose involved, because children accustomed to wading cannot appreciate walking, would be cowardice withering to my spirit.

Mary E. Tillottson, Vineland,N.J.

Woman having no proper physical training of scientific advantages, no highly remunerative employment or official trust, they are, as a rule, untaught, unskilled, unenterprising; hence have thought more of adorning the body than of high culture. To captivate the superior sex, win approval and compainionship, has seemed the aim, dress the means.

Fashion and goods speculators see their chance and make both dupes and fortunes by millions, reckless of the ruin. Deploring the grave dilemma, I gladly hail every earnest movement among women, however difficult, to correct the bad taste, pernicious example and foolish stupidity seen in the wasteful profusion and absolute deformity of fashion. I would encourage the institution of a style for women, combining neatness, propriety, artistic skill, with entire freedom of choice and in accordance with the laws of health.

William L. Garrison, Boston, Mass.


"My motto in dress is Utility, Comfort, Economy."

Lucretia Mott, Philadelphia.

I think the tyranny of fashion in dress the greatest obstacles to reform.

C.A. Bartoll, Boston, Mass.

I feel anxious that this dress movement, so well begun, should be carried out my American women, on American soil.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Popular opinion ever opposes reforms, and makes them move like ships against head-winds.

A.B.Bradford, Enon Valley, Pa.

In view of the immense importance of rightly relating clothing to the law controlling these precious living temples, no more sacred theme can claim our care. Looking on humanity to-day, the most striking abuse of law is apparent in the burdens dragged by women in lieu of legitimate dress. A thorough, radical change in their style becomes at once a necessity.

William S. Flanders, Cornville, Me.

Leaden apathy or racking pain is far nearer the rule with us than the exception. It needs no argument to convince thoughtful observers that the most prolific cause of this is the pernicious modes of prevailing dress.

J.Chase, Vineland, N.J.


The woman whose dress shows she is human proves she is worthy of equity.

Women cannot grasp and shape their destiny till done through physical freedom, till feet are free as hands, legs as free as arms.

J.Treat, New York.

The styles of the civilized world, so called by the monster monarch, fickle fashion, are irrational life-destroying, mind-belittling, brain-heating, waist-compressing, ankle-wrenching, feet-pinching, back-breaking, lust-engendering, child and mother-murdering, race-degrading.

Women should see that asking rights is useless till they take the right to clothe themselves at least as comfortably as men.

J.M.Allen, Massachusetts


Preaching freedom in Fetters.

What can be said of the many woman speakers advocating liberty, equality, spiritual elevation and moral reformation, yet pleading, with bodies legs and feet almost helplessly hampered? I view them with a sickening sense, pity them from the deeps of a sad soul and exclaim, poor, sick sisters! The most that you are doing is to burlesque your weak, coward selves! You fall before a Juggernaut that has no palliating merit! What is life without health? What value has freedom without power to use it?

S. Mitchell, Vineland.N.J.

[between 100 and 101]


  1. Spine.
  2. Intestines.
  3. Bladder.
  4. Retroverted Uterus.
  5. Vagina.
  6. Rectum.
  7. Uretha.

In retroversion the uterus(4) presses against the rectum (6), preventing the feces from reaching the anus. While the top of the uterus presses against the rectum (6), the osuteri presses against the bladder(3) and the intestines (2) fall upon the uterus and all of its attachments. In this place, in anteversion, will be seen the abnormal position of the pelvic organs of woman. Organs of chest, &c., is the normal condition, as demonstrated by Berta Von Hillern's power to walk. Were a corsetted, long dressed woman to attempt such physical culture, whose abnormal conditions just mentioned would be the result, bad as are nearly all women at present.


Retroversion of the Uterus.


When a dress prevails that gives full scope to all bodily powers, long depressed womanhood may reach normal endowment.

A.R. Davis, Worchester, Mass.

Reformers aiming at a style to serve health and all the duties and high attainments of our maniford capacities are right, and should be abetted by all lovers of human welfare.

J.M.Spear, Philadelphia.

To enlightened taste that is truly beautiful which is in harmony with law and immutable order. Whatever dwarfs human powers comes of ignorance, tends to weakness and woe, and is deformity.

D.M.Allen, South Newburg, Ohio.

I cannot express my admiration of woman's reformed dress.

E.M. Howard, Ohio.

It is a sorry sight to see a specimen of elaborately dressed frailty, and know that in those lovely shoes are comfortless feet, in that coil of beautiful hair an aching head, and under exquisite folds and puffs all manner of pads, pains and miseries.

Two things seem needed to remedy abuses in dress. First and best, is independence in women. * * * *

A professional man whose wife wishes to wear a short dress fears it would compromise him in his profession. He makes her carry his fortune on her hips.


A husband would look better saying, "my dear, dress comfortably if you can.(sic)

Rev. S.C. Beach, Norton, Mass.

How can those who ever call for the freedom they have not persist in trampling on the more important rights they possess? Their style of dress embarrasses every motion, and makes a most aggravated slave of the ever-worried body, and through that the never free or full-grown mind. Healthful dress cannot well be unbecoming. Tight waists, draggling skirts, half-clothes legs, for a business woman, are worse than ludicrous--are suicidal.

S.L.Tibbals, Manchester, Va.

My dress is what is known as the American Costume. I have no thought of returning to the slavery and corruption of Fashion, but do expect to change my style when finding what is better. I have traveled much, and know the slights, cold shoulders, jeers, etc., that the ill-bred offer.

L.F. Stegman, Allegan, Mich.

Merciless Fashion annually sacrifices millions of human beings on its murderous altar. A sound mind is a sound body, a free mind in a free body, mean something that ought to open women's eyes to the duties they own themselves. Girls study physiology and are not taught to apply its lore or regard its many warnings. Their lives pay the penalty.

J.H. Cook, Columbus, Kan.


The varied benefits and constant comforts of my dress are so great that no temptation to return to swaddling clothes has assailed me. And yet underlying this important change is a principle that should prompt us to preserve, if selfish aids should prove, as some have said, not compensatory. Abolishing the servile imitation of degrading customs, especially in dress, is among earth's imperative duties.

Emeline A. Prescott, North Vassalboro', Maine.

Experience teaches me that a woman may wear the costume and gain respect by simply respecting herself.

C. Fanny Allyn, Stoneham, Mass.

I have made my own way in the world. Have succeeded in the vocations of teacher, merchant and farmer; traveled from Maine to Florida; met all shades of treatment, from profound respect and high encomium to low shouts of rabbles, and the hiss of well-dressed bipeds. Think I have never talked with a stranger who was prejudiced against the dress without making the path easier for the next one he may meet in the American Costume. Through all opposition the personal benefits of the reform have compensated; but had it been mainly sacrifice, the thought of working for the amelioration of woman and the elevation of humanity would still have been the beacon-star guiding me on amid all discouragements.

S. P. Fowler, Vineland,N.J.


The sympathies of my soul are with those laboring to convince weak women that they need not obey life-torturing fashion.

F.E. Reece, Minnesota.

We should have liberty to experiment with the widest range of garments, and use any that are adapted to our taste, needs and employments, without private or public molestation. Until this can be done all discussions on the relative capacity of mens and women are ill-timed and in bad taste.

Olivia Shepherd, Vineland.N.J.

Yielding to usage and prejudice lulls conscience, and fearing gossip checks the course of knowledge. Woman aspires to high culture and pursuits, and seems not to know her slavery to dress forbids attainment.

L.E.Jackson,M.D.,Dansville, New York.

The laws of health, beauty, fitness, economy, convenience, comfort and decency are violated in most of women's present styles.

All know what is threatened if we call our brother a fool; but I call him who weds a fashionable woman in these times a fool, and risk consequences. His risk must surely be great as mine. Saying less, I should be unworthy to subscribe, --Friend of Humanity.

P.Pillsbury, Concord, N.H.

[between 104 and 105]


  1. Uterus.
  2. Ovary.
  3. Fimbriated extremity of the Fallopian Tubes.
  4. Round Ligaments
  5. Broad Libaments.
  6. Osuteri, or mouth of the Uterus
  7. Vagina.

The uterus or womb (1) generally weighs about two ounces in its virgin condition, and is about the size of a small vergaloo pear. The osuteri (6) is nearly closed, and has much the appearance of a wintergreen berry with an orifice where the stem should be, that is about the size of a small pea. It never expands except when in labor.

The fallopian tubes (3) are attached to the uterus (1) at one end, and to the ovaries (2) at the other. This attachment is so, that the ovum or eggs may every month be carried through the fallopian tubes into the uterus.

There are broad ligaments (5) on both sides of the uterus, as well as round ligaments (4) to hold it in position. The wearing of the ordinary dress is constantly pressing all of these organs out of place, for just where the petticoat bands, drawer bands, bottom of corsets and dress bodies come, which is just above the hops, is the fatal pressure, as will be seen by referring to the plate showing the organs of the pelvis.



Uterine Organs.


For twenty-five years I have been teaching medical classes to trace most of society's maladies, especially those of women, to the dress that devitalizes the whole system, hence deteriorates the offspring, early made orphans. It has long been my suctom to classify the four leading curses of civilization thus: 1st, alchol(sic);2nd,tobacco; 3rd,drugs;4th,fashion. But the more familiar the b becomes, the more I see of incurable cases, --traceable to corsets and draggling skirts, meretricious head-gear, and leg-beating flounces,--the surer I come to reverse the order and place fashions in dress at the head of the horrid category. No woman, dressed fashionably, can breath or walk normally. Without free respiration no pure blood flows, giving firm muscle to act and vigorous brain to think and feel. Just to the extent that she constricts the lungs, loads the hips, oppresses the head, and burdens the limbs, she demoralizes her whole nature, becomes morbid, demented, paralyzed and perverse. I see no hope of her attaining relief or higher conditions of any kind till ceasing to display in costume the badges of self-imposed degradation, and banishing the scare-crow whim that natural, hygienic dress is unwomanly, takes the free use of lungs, ribs, legs and feet.

R.T.Trall,M.D.(sic)Florence, New Jersey.

Fashionable attire is ruinous to the sexual organs of women.

Dr. Sarah B. Chase, New York City.

If space permitted, we could make many thousands


of quotations, but these could not all speak so emphatically as the lives of such dress reformers as Dr. Susan Way Dodds, St. Louis, Mo.; Dr. Lydia Sayer Hasbrouck, Middletown, N.Y.; Dr. Lydia A. Strowbridge, Courtland, N.Y.; Dr. Ellen Baird Harman, Florence, N.J.,and other physicians who are practical exponants of the vital principals so important to over-burdened women.

The doctor, whether man or woman, sho does not advocate a reform costume for woman, clearly shows an ignorance of the causes of diseases and displacement in woman, not only, but fails to comprehend one of the chief causes of the deaths of 100,000 infants annually, the imbecility and diseases of boys as well as girls, besides the tendancy(sic) to insanity, and a long train of evils that one with large causality and metaphysical acumen is appalled at beholding.

Such an array of evils grow out of woman's ever changing, extravagant, licentious, debilitating, diseasing, immoral doll-baby dress, that fashion imposes upon women, that make the great mass of them perfect monomaniacs on dress, that appalls a practical exampler(sic) of modest, useful, economical, moral, healthful, common-sense costume.

Men who encourage this and women who talk about "reform schools" or reforms of any kind so arrayed and gewgawed, had better repeat the words of Edward Faxton until they can fully understand


them: "They who would reform others, must first reform themselves."

These diamond words are utterances so deep and comprehensive that those who do not heed them, are sure to find themselves in a position too ridiculous for common pity. But a little time will elapse before the world will see this truth in all its clearness.

Reforms of all kinds are so linked and interwoven that they must progress together; but in order to be permanent they must have the foundations secure. Such foundations are in health of body and mind, and the ordinary costume of women disease both. Not only do they have this effect on women and their children, both girls and boys, but husbands of such wives suffer also.

They are irritated in their sexual organs, and they seek other women for relief. The irritability is an effort to throw off impure elements, and the more the remedy in either variety or excuse is sought, the harder nature labors to throw off the deleterious elements gathered up, producing still greater irritability that is mistaken for strength of passion.

Every means is devised to satisfy this morbid state, and with shame for the depravity of human nature we record that in our own country not ordinary men, but so-called gentlemen are guilty of using the rectum of their wives. This is for the double purpose of


getting strong muscular contraction, and to prevent conception.

There is no language that can express the more than barbarous outrage of such acts. The agony that is experienced by woman until the sphincter anii is so expanded and lacerated that it has lost contractile power, cannot be expressed. Such is the construction of the rectum that large foeces can, without difficulty, be voided, but nothing of half the size can be introduced without extreme agony, not only, but after the inflammation subsides there is a tenderness and uncomfortableness besides an inability to control the foecal discharge, necessitating them to wear a protector from exposure. They cannot sit down without being in misery. Their whole nerve system suffers from this most cruel tyranny. Cancer of the bowels finally results. But the men are not exempt from the penalties for violation of law. The nearer the worn out, effete matter approaches the exit, the more poisonous it becomes and neither sitz-baths or enema can cleans the parts so but that much remains in the multitudinous folds.

This filthiness is absorbed by man and produces a depravity that he cannot throw off, besides urethal stricture caused by repulsion to the filthy unnaturalness of such contact.

The bare proposition from a husband to a wife for such a relationahip ought to be a sufficient cause for

[between 108 and 109]


    1. Spine.
    2. Intestines.
    3. Bladder.
    4. Anteverted Uterus
    5. Vagina.
    6. Anus

In anteversion, the uterus (4) is pressed against the bladder (3), so reducing the capacity of the bladder that it cannot hold but a few spoonsfull at one time. There is a painful sensation of weight and a constant desire for micturition. The vagina (5) is stretched up and forward, and by referring to the uterine organs it will be seen from the natural position of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, round and broad ligaments, that when the uterus is anteverted, that it must of necessity drag all of its attachments out of their normal positions.

(illustration ) Anteversion of the Uterus.


divorce, but when it comes to compulsion, imprisonment for life ought to be the penalty.

Astonishing as it may seem to women, there are many men who actually believe that no rape of any kind can be committed on women. They have this idea from the illustration of Queen Elizabeth of England, who would not sign any death warrants because she believed that every woman could take care of herself. She did not realize in her protected position how brutal men would dare to be, and how much greater was man's physical strength.

Men will never have just laws until women physicians are in the great councils of the nation.

Nothing but the sternest sense of duty to helpless women could impell us to pen what is so revolting to every sense of decent humanity as is the shameful recital of outraged decency just related . Moral courage is carried to its greatest tension, but above all this a whisper of encouragement comes as we write through blinding tears, what we have been long agonizing over the necessity for writing, and struggling to get moral courage enough to carry out our convictions, that ignoring evils can never remedy them. The illogical and surface wise, but deeply ignorant, cannot see the necessity for arraying the evils of all classes before the broad light of day, and disgusting the beholders, little realizing that there is no effectual way of destroying the moths of corruption that eat out


all grandeur of soul in the dark of ignorance and vice, and that sunlight of facts alone can do so.

We place evil on a pedestal, and array the results around it and behold the effect.

We call forth eternal principles and calmly discuss them. If silence could do the work, all christendom could not open our mouth, but as nothing but an expose of the wrongs to woman and the wrongs to pure manhood can be rightened and prevented, all christendom can not close our mouth. Every wrong, no matter how base, has advocates attempting to justify the same not only, but to establish it as a right. It matters not how monstrous it may be. But of all the iniquities of the social evil we have yet to relate the following as the most heinous possible:

The idea has been disseminated that the "eating of semen by women and the sipping of the exundations of women by men, will promote health, prolong life, and promote beauty."

This consummation of the basest of degradations is practiced not only by the fast but by husbands and their wives.

The public money might better be expended in teaching the monstrousness and results of baseness so vile that adjectives cannot be found sufficiently expressive to reach the case, instead of arresting for disseminating obscene matter.


Such degradation not only debases so that the whole expression of face is soon so hateful that one is repelled at a glance, but the brain is so injured that an incurable phase of insanity results.

What is thrown off by men and women have a certain mission and effect, and is then not only of no more use, but is a positive injury if retained. Nature makes no mistakes, and her laws cannot be infringed without penalties.

Nothing feeds the system that is taken into the stomach, only as it goes through the processes of digestion and assimilation, and instead of such disgusting uses of effete matter being beneficial to the organs of generation they are serious detriments.

It does seem that the depths of human depravity have been reached, and it is time that human beings realized that there is something better in life than making a study how to turn all the best of energies to licentiousness.

It is a great mystery to many, why men in high, lucrative and responsible positions cannot resist temptations to frauds, thefts, embezzlements, etc., but to us it is not so strange since it is well known that "wine, women and iniquities" have always been classed together.

The women who are the victims of such men, must dress fashionable in order to keep in their graces, and the men well know that large sums of money


must be given women in order to have them dress will and live in a style becoming a mistress of theirs. It is necessary in order to cloak the true life of the woman, for the man to furnish means sufficient to have her be living on a seeming income. Thus the true relationship is covered up for a time, and calls seem to be those only or ordinary friendship in the position.

These women constantly living false lives of respectability, must of necessity be avaricious, since fashions are ever changing, and to dress as well as the wives, daughters or sisters of the men that support them, and in whose society they mingle, a large amount of money is necessary. The relationship sexual, with such women, so fills such men with the avarice that they imbibe from them through the magnetic influences of the relation, that such men are fit for any crimes to gain money. Men lose the moral power to resist evils when they take upon themselves the vile magnetisms of such women, who obtain a power over them that cannot be thrown off immediately. They lose the power of will, and no matter how much their reason may protest against their course, it is of no use when will is powerless.

We are not sure that it would not be a moral crime for any one to be silent who sees the causes and effect of human wrongs, and how government as well as individuals suffer because the true reasons

[between 112 and 113]


  1. Spine.
  2. Intestines.
  3. Bladder
  4. Prolapsed Uterus.

The uterus (4) is frequently prolapsed, so that the whole organ is outside of the vagina. The illustration before us shows that it is as nearly prolapsed as possible and not be outside of the body. The intestines (2) are also prolapsed. We have had a case where a portion of the same were outside and below the uterus.

See organs of chest, figure 9, that the bladder is nearly round in its natural condition. The shape see (3) is prolapsus uteri, and in retroversion, and in anteversion, that other organs are so pressed against it that it must yield its rotundity. In prolapsus all the organs of the pelvis are displaced. Few know that the ordinary style of woman's dress will produce this and all other weakness of women without any other cause.


Prolapsus Uteri.


have not been clearly set forth, and men given "line upon line, and precept upon precept" until the continued warnings shall be heeded.


There has never been a religious sect that has inaugurated the all-important law of protection to the unborn as have the Mormons. If all the evils with which they have been charged were true, they would weigh but little in comparison with the great and important ideas that they have established regarding the perfect protection of the enceinte woman from sexual abuse. All the strength of mind and body go to build up the child in utero, instead of enfeebling it by any sexual relation. Children born with such antenatal conditions have so much better nerves, and better control of their organs of sex, that they will have no desire to practice masturbation, to be polygamists, or sensualists. A large number of Mormons are not polygamists in practice, and do not use tobacco or any intoxicating drinks, and so we must look to the Mormons for a better race of people. Purity of manhood must come from the Mormons in greater numbers than from any other church unless there is a radical change in the churches, by advising the selfhood of women in the marriage relation to be sustained by their church creeds. Then


will masturbation be lessened, and with a knowledge of its effects soon cease altogether.

The world was shocked when Fowler and Wells sent forth the truths to the world regarding the practice of masturbation being so great among the young.

Many people were quite angry because of the sweeping assertions made by these doctors, but close observation proved that all was true. The great injury to body and mind from this cause cannot be computed. The wrecks in insane asylums all over the country, the loss of general health, the inability to be stable, and a long category of evil results are now clearly to de discerned. All of which result from the utter ignorance of the subject. Tobacco, intoxicating drinks, pepper, and the heating and dragging of the mother's clothing all effect the boy in utero so that an effort for relief is made by masturbation.

The boys of to-day have more to contend with because of their antenatal condition than is apparent to those who have had but little thought upon the subject, for they are born with an inflamed prostate gland: this is situated around the urethra and in masturbation, (long before puberty,) gives forth a discharge. After pubety it frequently occurs that no amount of sexual variety or excess will prevent men from masturbation. This is sometimes practiced in the beds of their wives. This is more frequent after


middle life than at any other time. Nature takes away the power of sexual gratification from men at a certain age. The time varies, and men who do not understand this law, rush to physicians for remedies. Excesses in sexual commerce and masturbation both leave old men with an irritable condition of the organs of sex, owing to an inflamed and enlarged prostate gland. The old man must pay for his iniquities in other ways than those usually considered.

Not only are the boys addicted to this practice as a result of the causes just mentioned, but one has only to visit the teachers of schools of every grade and age, where girls are sent, to be convinced to what an extent the wrongs of parents are visited upon daughters as well as sons.

No one can practice this vice without the sure marks of the same being left in the face.

In a certain country the making of rubber male organs for the purpose of facilitating girls in masturbation, is a lucrative business. The cost of manufacturing is about thirty cents, and they retail at from two to three dollars. They are of different sizes, and firls of various ages are taught by their companions their uses. When one size is outgrown, a larger size is purchased. They are kept at fancy shops attended by women, who ask their lady customers "what number of the Ladies' Companion they wish to have done up with their bundle." When the


lady begins to talk about the magazines of that name, she is informed that "the 'Companion' is in a box."

This kind of masturbation, like all other ways of secret vice, sooner or later leads to sexual relations.

The effects of this vice on men are numerous. The most usual are consumption, insanity, softening of the brain and disease of the cuticle, and while all these are the effect on women, there is also an elongation of the clitoris, and a formation of warty excrescences on the vulva. Men or women who are addicted to this vice, cannot become parents of either a superior mental or physical type of humanity, because of loss of power. Such a person cannot be a desirable husband or wife, because of the loss of magnetic power.

Nothing so destroys the ability to think deeply, logically, gradually and connectedly as does orgasm even in the natural way if frequent, but especially in(sic) this true when produced in other ways.

The Oneida community learned this, and soon incorporated the idea in their religious teachings, and would have deserved the name of "Perfectionists," if they had lived up to their ideas, and not substituted promiscuity under certain arrangements. Their infringement of the great law, that sexual relation should not be had without emission, and that for posterity alone has aroused the thinker to decide that they have retrograded instead of ad


vancing, for the long continued sexual excitement with suppressed orgasm is a serious injury to both body and mind.

Nature provides that the secretions of the relation should be properly mixed, one purpose of which is to sooth the nerves of both organs.

Their relationship is one of organized sensuality that does not fail to produce direful results on the minds and bodies of their participants, and but for the Onedia women wearing reform dresses, having an excellent diet, being systematic in exercise, and not being overworked, the bad results would be still more apparent.

The redeeming feature of the men, in never coercing women into sexual relationships has induced abused women to join the Onedia community. But we must forever condemn the double masturbation that sexual relation certainly is, when for licentious purpose alone, instead of for the procreation of humanity. But for women submitting to promiscuous sexual relations, they could have have their homes.

This we assert as a rule. Their submitting will make secret vice in their children a certain result, for such an excitement of the organs of sex cannot fail to produce their legitimate results in posterity.

It is well for the world that all kinds of experiments to evade the great and beautiful law of monogamic purity are being tested in a free country in


an unrestrained manner under the law of religious liberty, for it is only through all of these experiences that those incapable of metaphysical depth can see the great laws of beauty and harmony as exemplified in the grandeur of a life free from all the objectionable features that such experiment have disclosed.

All kinds of vices and outrageous ways of human beings has caused some geniuses to invent remedies for relief from results in the shape of supporters, pessaries, trusses, uterine elevators, suspension bandages, etc.,etc. But not until 1870 was the perfection of an equal to the Spanish inquisition patented by the United states. No doubt the inventor's intentions were good, as the following will show:

"My invention is a device for so covering up the sexual organs of a person addicted to the vice of masturbation, from his own touch and control, that he os she must refrain from the commission of the vicious and self-degrading act.

"It is well known to those who have charge of prisons, reform-schools, and the like, that the practice of masturbation becomes all abut universal among those confined therein. It is also well known to physicians, and to some heads of families, that multitudes of children of both sexes injure their moral and physical natures for life by the practice of this vice.

"My invention is designed to put it into the power


of those who have the control of all such persons to entirely prevent the practice."

We well knew that it came from a man, and he not a physician, for no intelligent woman would have been guilty of sending forth such an instrument, and when there shall be a woman doctor as an examiner for all articles intended for the use of women, nothing so monstrous will ever be patented. We will go farther and say cruel.

Here is the description:

"A band encircling the body just above the hips, the band being locked together behind by a small padlock, or other suitable device, they key to which is to be carried by the person who has charge of the masturbator.

"In front this band is connected, by numerous strips, with the lower band with at the rear passes down, one end under the leg, and both ends are attached to the rear of the pouch which pouch is made somewhat bag-like for the purpose of containing the organs. The front part of the pouch is attached to the lower band in front of the person.

"These various parts--the upper and lower bands, the connecting strips, and the pouch--may be of cloth, leather, or metal, or, in fact, any other convenient material. If made of metal, the parts which bear against the body must be padded to prevent chafing and injury to the person.


"the pouch should (at least I so prefer it) be made of rubber or metal, and at the rear a small hole or spout is left for the discharge of urine.

"The apparatus must be so fitted to the body as to have the edges of the pouch fit close against the person, so that it will be impossible for the wearer to touch the confined organ.

"If the connecting strips are made of metal, they should be hinged or pivoted to both the upper and lower bands, so as to allow free movement of the body.

"In addition to its property as a protector, this device serves a useful purpose in sustaining the bowels, like a truss, or as furnishing the foundation for the attachment of shoulder-braces.

"It is recommended that all the parts be made as flexible as is consistent with the office they have to perform."

In the first place there is no necessity for such an inquisitorial device, for a reform dress will prevent seduction and rape. If only pants are made in the ordinary way of slash fronts, anything of the kind would be impossible, for the vagina is so far from the centre of the pants rape could not be committed.

The undersuit is so constructed that a second barier would also be met, and a third also in the second suit that is worn, as muslin and flannel are both wornk make in the same way. If for the purpose of pre-


venting masturbation, a straight jacket will remedy that--but for the device itself. If worn in the daytime, in order for it to be large enough to cover the parts, and snug enough to prevent the vice being still practiced, it would interfere not only with locomotion, but so heat the parts that it would excite and agonize, besides inflaming the parts covered, and no matter what amount of "padding," it would irritate all around the pouch. The undried urine would agonize the girl. As for the strips around the legs, all women who wear the ordinary supporters with only cotton strips complain of chafing. As for the padlock behind, that would prevent laying on the back -- the bands around the body would so press upon the hips and body as to prevent laying on either side. But that is not the worst feature. No one can lay down and be at all comfortable with any fastenings around them, besides the positive injury to all pelvic organs, and no one can endure anything as snug when laying down as when sitting or standing, and if loose enough to be endurable, it could not be a preventive to masturbation. Any bands of any kind around the body are injurious we repeat to impress the fact.

To prevent an inclination to masturbation is the object of the wise. Do away with tobacco, strong drink and petticoats in parents, and children will not desire to commit the deed.


Teach the children to eschew tobacco, strong drinks, pepper and petticoats, and they will not be victims of social evils of any grade if Unmasked is put into their hands at an early age.

Where is there a father that will not thank the hand that saved both his boys and his girls by giving them a knowledge of all the evils of the world, that they may be forewarned and forearmed in their young years, before they learned by sad experience?

Any government, whether national or local, that obtains revenues from vice of any kind, whether it be intoxicating drinks, tobacco or contagious disease acts, pay dearly for such oversight, such ignorance, such downright crime.

When there is proper legislation regarding the manufacture of a sufficient quantity of intoxicating beverages for the arts, and a penalty for further destruction of grain and fruit food--a penalty for the manufacture of tobacco, or putting it into the market without strychnine or something so disgusting that it will not be used for other than insect exterminators, than(sic) we may with a diffusion of knowledge regarding baneful effects, hope to be rid of such evils.

As for contagious disease acts, and the revenue derived from the same; the two evils just mentioned are the parents of the necessity for considering the question, by irritating the whole neve system, and


especially that which is a part of and connected with the organs of sex.

Such inherited irritability, and such still farther irritability by use themselves, or by sexual contact with those who do use the same, are causes that we are astonished at so few comprehending. As for the efficiency of such a vile measure as the infamous contagious disease act, instead of lessening venereal diseases, it is increased--first, by the appearance of a freedom from the same when it is gnawing the intricate folds of the vagina, and has extended into the uterus, where it is impossible to discover the true condition, as not even labor pains can relax the uterus without so much blood flowing, that the true condition cannot possible by seen; second, by men rushing into vice because it is sanctioned by law, and they have full confidence in the examination protection. But the most infamous (and we pause for lack of adjectives to express any pure woman's emotions) of anything ever enacted by men, is that poor, seduced, helpless woman is made the disease monger of man, under the guise of his being free from disease of the most agonizing nature, and seeking her because he is thus free and afraid of contamination, when the real fact is, that by variety life he has become diseased and thinks to rid himself by giving it to her.

Nothing can partake of brimstone selfishness to so great a depth as such an act!!


But there is not a shadow of truth in the efficacy of such sophistry. The true logic is borne out by facts, that the freer such cases are from any excitement the better in all regards.

But as long as men alone make the laws, they will not submit to an examination themselves, to see whether they are free from disease, and a liability to give to women. If it is proper for men in the profession to examine prostitute women to see that they are free from disease for men's use, it is as proper that women in the profession be also salaried to examine men prostitutes to see if they are free from disease for women's use.

Now be startled with "holy horror" at such a proposition as this, but remember that it is only turning the tables in words but when they are turned in reality regarding all of the one-sided sex outrages, the beauty of tweedledee and tweedledum will be as apparent to men as it is now to women.

A few men are even now looking at this one-sided moral business and taking action in recognition of the necessity of purity in men. Messrs. Walter M'Larens, George Warr, and othes in London have a Social Purity Alliance.

Pere Hyacinth,(Catholic;) Zoadook Kahn, Grand Rabbi of Paris; the Archbishop of Paris, Rev. Dr. Baur,(Episcopal,) of Germany; Rev.Mr. Cook and Saunter de Bloumey, of Geneva; M.Leon Richer and


Theodore Manod, of Paris; Joseph Nathan, Alphonso Favre, Salvantore Colouna and Prof. Darneth, of rome; Orris Brusca, of Milan; Rev. George Butler, F.W. Benting and A.L. Bernistee, of Liverpool; Henry Richards, M.P., Sir Harcourt Johnson, Right Hon. James Stanfield, Edward Blackhouse, Dr. Nevins, Dr. Routh, Dr. Drydale, Dr. Carter, Dr. Carson, Prof. Stewart, Prof Sheldon, all from various places in England, besides many others that represent all the principal religions, the Materialists and the Spirtualists.

It is to be hoped that the time is not distant when every community will have a Social Purity Alliance among men, where vices of all kinds will be discountenanced.

The grand men whose names we have just mentioned, give their culture, position, words and examples to the great work. They attended the Geneva Congress last year, and one and all were disgusted with any sort of contagious disease acts, or anything sanctioning manhood impurity.

It is to be regretted that none of our finely cultured American women who fully understand the basic principles of the foundation of all permanent reforms, (a proper dress for women,) were not present. One practical exponent of a moral reform costume, would have given a tone and turn to the proceedings


that would have sent reform a score of years into the grand future.

Every living example of an emblematic dress of purity, is worth a million speeches from those women who preach reforms of any kind while slaves to an immoral, bedecked, befurbelowed, and petticoated costume. Immoral women are disgusted with the inconsistency of such women who urge them to leave a life that provides the same extravagance and show of dress. Such long dressed women are ever calling forth a presumption in the minds of those they are working to reform, that there is the same want of proper protection of the organs of sex, and that the same facilities for vice can be found. And just as long as the ordinary long dress is worn, will there be such a presumption and such a reality. Cleanliness is next of morality. The fanning-mill of even ankle drapery, causes an accumulation of dust that reaches and excites the one who wears the same.

The purity of woman generally cannot be assured until the immoral dressing is stopped, for it unfits woman in body for the duties of life by its weight, cumberousness and expense, in mind by the drain of noble energies in following the ever changing fashions.

It is not frequent that a reliable and permanent structure of grand morality is builded upon stays,


petticoats, and their accompanying absurdities, and the sooner the good men of the world see this and understand that human perfections of body, mind and morals, need sterner stuff than sham "grace in drapery," (which is but a fitting term for languor and helplessness,) the world will be better in all regards.

Let all men do what is possible to encourage a sentiment of beauty of mind and large understanding of brain and boots, instead of talking sweet nonsense and praising little feet.

We call upon our so-called "protectors" to do their duty against the tyrant fashion.

When this is done women will need no protection from other tyrants. This monster one that sips vitality and virtue is the only one worth mention to be protected from, for all others will meekly bow when the tyrant fashion is destroyed.

Women and their children will not then be suicidists, but will gladly live as long as they can to be properly developed for another state of existence, and will not be constantly longing for something to quiet their nerves. Men for tobacco and whisky, and women for gum and candy.



The law regarding "obscene matter being sent through the mails," is an eminently proper one. But in order to be effectual, the power to decide re-


garding the character of questionable publications should be in the hands of the scientific and morally pure. Of all that have been arrested, few have deserved to be, and instead of decreasing their sales, the very arrests have excited curiosity regarding them. Those making quotations from the Bible are the only exception. The officer that is so ignorant as not to be familiar with Bible history, until informed in a court of justice by those defending themselves in suits for sending obscene matter through the mails, ought to cut out the obscenity and make a raid on all the Bible houses in the United States, in order to be consistent.

We think the Bible should be read by every mature person, for the grandest lessons are learned of perverted human nature, and the results of such perversion on posterity. The same immoralities with men making slaves of women were practiced then as they are to-day, and it would seem that the lessons learned from the Bible ought to prevent crimes of the darkest hue, especially with those who believe in its divine origin, that it does not, proves more than many are willing to acknowledge, and were it not for the friends of about fifty of many of the ablest clergymen in this country, we should here publish their names as proof of the vilest of immoralities having been practiced by them, and in nearly all instances their victims were "lambs of the flock,"


from the clergymen standing on the highest pinnacle of pulpit oratory, to the meekest of the clerical profession. Something more than the ordinary religion was needed for such men. Something plainer than even Bible history. Are their histories obscene?

Not only do members of churches commit all the crimes on the Bible calendar but the expounders of the Bible do just as badly, even to the incest of daughters under the pretense at first, that "all fathers have such a duty to do or their daughters would die," and afterwards threaten them with certain murder if they reveal the same.

It is but a few years since such a case occurred in western N.Y. while the clergyman was officiating in all his clerical duties for about three years of the time.

In Herkimer county, N.Y., in 1868, a woman having an only daughter about seventeen years of age visited her friend at a distance, leaving her daughter to keep house for her father. She had been absent but a few hours when the father of the girl asked her is she knew why her mother had gone on the visit, and then informed her of the duty of every father; and how he hated to be obliged to perform his duty; and that her friend, who dies a few weeks before, would have lived if her father had done so.

* * * * * * * *

When her mother returned, she was so weary with


travel that she reclined on her daughter's bed in the most quite part of the house. Soon after dark her daughter, wearied with an unusual day's house work, retired with her. Late in the evening the husband and father returned from a neighboring town where he had been delayed on some business. He came to the daughter's room and immediately comprehending the situation took hold of both his daughter's feet (as he supposed) to awaken her, but through mistake in one of the feet awakened the wife and mother.

We lectured in the town where this occurred, but we have considered such a history too obscene to go through the mails to feed perverted taste, but we should be derelict in duty if we omitted here to show the infamous means taken by fathers to lie their own daughters into harlotry!

Inclosing this chapter on Social Evil, we must impress men with the magnitude of their duty to women in every relation of life, not forgetting their protecting power in prisons, station-houses, poor-houses, asylums and hospitals. All of these are more of less under the actual surveillance of man, when the women are weak in mind, body or morals, and more frequently than otherwise in all three regards.

Opportunities are not wanting to make easy facilities for vice, and that they are sometimes improved by both the doctors, stewards and others is a fact that cannot be denied, and that is a disgrace to civ-


ilization, since there are enough competent women doctors and stewards to manage the women's departments in all the institutions of the United States.

It is the duty of men to so protect all the women needing any public charities, and all who are by them locked up for any cause whatsoever.

They are not assuredly protected as women, unless every possibility of immorality is removed by women occupying every position relating to them.

Men are reared with the one idea prominent, that "there is a necessity for sexual relation with all men, and that all sorts of means to gratify their passions are in a way honorable," and wrongs to women will always result with opportunities, until the language of the nerves is understood, and that there is no such "necessity with men" any more than there is with women. And when boys are taught, as girls are, to control their natural passions, they will do so as well, and when they become men they will from habit be as pure. There are occasional proofs of this. When there are more pure men we shall soon find all excuses for vice placed where they belong. One of the flimsiest to keep women in an absurdly unprotected dress, is that it is unhealthy for women to be covered. Such talk from doctors, who were either knaves or were ignoramuses, have many times come to our ears. The fact is that a great deal of suffering is caused by a want of such protection. That it


is a trick of the lascivious to have the facilities for vice easy is too patent for further mention, save that hundreds of women who have worn the reform dress for over a score of years can testify in regard to such dress benefiting them in every respect.

We do not know as our duty is done without again referring to Queen Victoria's domain, and entering our protest against wrong wherever it exist.

We refer her to the following facts and ask her to read our chapters on the Language of the Nerves and Pure Manhood, with the hopes that the wrong mentioned will be righted in the following manner. Pay her common soldiers so that they can afford to marry; remove their restrictions on marriage; repeal the Contagious Disease Acts; make provisions for the honorable self-support of the hundreds of thousands of women that have been the victims.

So goo a woman as the Queen will not fail to do what is for the best good of her people when conditions are properly placed before her.

The preventing only one soldier in ten marrying in the English army has caused the Government to pass Contagious Disease Acts to protect the soldiers. These were passed in 1866 and 1869. At the close of 1874,245,727 examinations were made on healthy women and girls. If these had not submitted they would have been imprisoned.

"The National Association" for the repeal of the


infamous acts sent an address to the friends of Morality and Justice in America, and were represented by Mr. Henry J.Wilson and Rev. J.P. Gledstone, about two years. Since Mr. Wm. Haen, chairman, and Freceric Charles Banks, secretary of the Association.

The native women in India have committed suicide rather than submit to examinotions(sic) by State surgeons under the English Government.

In Yokohama, under British government, brothels have numerals over the doors.

In Hong-Kong brothels are licensed by the English Government.

We are opposed to having laws to compel vaccination, for it matters not how many cows the virus has been cleansed by, as long as there is enough of the poison to inflame the arm there is enough to injure the system, in insidious ways, that can be understood by reading the language of the nerves. Better trust to the possibility of having one poison of small-pox in the system than to deliberately introduce what no one knows how many poisons it contains.