Interactive Multimedia

The major that takes twenty minutes to describe.

IMM is about people using interactive technology to empower, entertain, collaborate and educate. We make 3D animations and web applications, online magazines, podcasts, videos and video games. And that's not all.

IMM is a 13-course Bachelor of Arts degree that combines hands-on instruction using industry-standard production tools with in-depth exploration of the cultural impact of digital and interactive technology. IMM emphasizes the process as well as the product, with students acquiring valuable collaboration and project management skills that will benefit them in variety of possible careers.

Our curriculum combines three major areas of interest:

Digital Media encompasses digital imaging; animation, motion graphics and digital video; digital audio and electronic music, web design and more. Interactive Computing explores user experience design, interaction design, interface design, and programming for everything from web sites to video games.
Professional Writing includes proposal writing, technical writing, online journalism, interactive storytelling, and stories and scripts for movies, animations and video games.

Game Design

The Princeton Review and GamePro magazine recently named us one of the top 50 undergraduate game design programs in North America. We recognize the potential for games to connect all corners of our campus artists and programmers, storytellers and designers, engineers and musicians, and more. The foundation for studying game design at TCNJ is a major in interactive multimedia, and students may optionally pursue a minor related to programming, design or storytelling for games.

Students starting in the IMM major take core courses focused on digital media, interactive computing, writing for interactive media and graphical communication. A final core core course combines all these areas and explores fundamental issues of collaboration, project management and client-driven design.

IMM Major Requirements

Five core courses
Four 200-level or higher IMM courses (not including IMM 270, 380 and 498)
Two 400-level IMM courses (not including IMM 498)
Two capstone courses: IMM 380 and 498
13 courses total

Non-Major Requirements

TCNJ Liberal Learning curriculum, including the Freshman Seminar (FSP)
Three semesters' proficiency in a foreign language. (Some students may satisfy some or all of this requirement through the TCNJ placement exam, or College Board or AP scores.)
WRI 102 Academic Writing. (Some students are exempt from this course through SAT, ACT or AP scores.)
AMM 099 Arts and Communication Seminar (fall semester, freshmen year)
IDS 102: an online, non-credit course information literacy course
Students must have at least 128 total credits to graduate (including major courses, non-major courses and transfer credit).

IMM Minor Requirements

Two of the four introductory courses: IMM110, 120, 130, 140.
IMM270 - Design Perspectives in Interactive Multimedia.
Two 200-level or higher IMM courses.
Five courses total