Career Development Proposal Format

Please follow this outline when preparing your proposal, making modifications if necessary.

I.  Career Development Proposal Summary Sheet

II.  Career Development Proposal

A.      Description of Proposed Activity explain how the
                 activity relates to the present or future requirements of
                 your position at TCNJ

B.     Outcomes describe the potential impact of the activity on
                  you, your program, the college, and/or your discipline

C.   Procedures describe what will occur during the planned

D.    Schedule list dates of travel and activities plus the total 
                number of days involved with this activity.

E.    Alternate Assignment Time (AAT) Requested  
                total  S.H. hours (if any)

F.   Funds Requested break down into major categories of
               registration, travel, room/meals, miscellaneous required 
               expenses (describe any special requests in detail).  Information on

               college travel policies can be found at:

G.   Other Funds/AAT Requested:

III. Program Brochure - include previous brochure if current
                one is not available or provide copy of web site with information
                about the proposed activity.

If you have any questions, contact Ralph Edelbach, Chair, Career Development Committee, or X 2783

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