Den's Links

UFTP - My multicast file transfer application.

Tek-Tips - An excelent forum for IT professionals. Java, C, Oracle, Windows, UNIX -- you name it, they have a group for it.

Freenet - A completely decentralized, anonymous, and secure protocol for sharing files. - Contains ROMs for MAME (arcade), NES, Genesis, Atari 2600, and more!

MAWS - A searchable database of MAME ROMS. ROMs are not hosted here, however it has detailed stats on all ROMS, and the available search criteria lets you dig down really deep if you're looking for something specific. Also, MAME cabinet and flyer files are hosted here. - A database of Commodore 64 games, stored as disk images. Also searchable.

Corvette - The only sports car that matters.

Torotrak - Makers of an innovative fully toroidial IVT. It doens't have the same torque limitations seen in more conventional belt-driven CVTs and can be used in high performance applications (see above).

Iron Maiden - Heavy metal in it's purest form!

How Stuff Works - This site has just about everything to need to know about, well, everything.

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