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Degree Requirements

Students follow the degree requirements of the Undergraduate Bulletin in effect when they begin their matriculation at the College. Students changing majors or adding a second or third major follow the major requirements in effect at the time when the major is changed or added. Students returning to the College after an absence of two consecutive semesters (not including summer) follow the requirements in effect at the time of their return.

Degree programs are composed of three parts:

I. Liberal learning (see College-Wide Programs—Liberal Learning section of this Bulletin)

II. Major requirements

Consult the programs outlined in the sections for individual departments and the program planners available. In addition to requirements within the major department, some programs may require correlate courses outside the major department or prescribe specific courses that must be taken to meet liberal learning requirements.

III. Electives

Not every program provides the opportunity for elective courses. Where electives are available, the number of course units will vary according to major.

Depending upon their individual program requirements, students have the opportunity to tailor their program of study to include a second or third major or one or more minors.

When selecting courses to meet degree requirements, the student should keep the following in mind:

• Courses taken in the student’s major department may be used to meet liberal learning requirements, as applicable.
• A major may require that specific courses outside the major department be selected for meeting some liberal learning requirements. Consult the section of this Bulletin describing individual departments or the program planners available to determine these requirements.
• Honors courses so designated may be used to satisfy liberal learning and/or major requirements.

No student may graduate with fewer than 32 course units. These do not include courses numbered below 100 (e.g., MAT 095). Individual programs may require more than this minimum number of course units, consult the section of this bulletin describing individual program descriptions or the program planners available.

In addition:

• No more than 16 course units (=64 semester hours) may be transferred from schools designated as community colleges or junior colleges. No more than 20 course units (=80 semester hours) may be transferred from all sources.
• At least 12 course units must be earned at The College of New Jersey.
• Normally the student’s last eight course units will be taken at the College. No more than three course units in the senior year may be earned away from the College. Such enrollment must be expressly approved in advance by the student’s department and the Office of Records and Registration.


In addition to the requirements specified above, students must also meet the following standards and requirements for completion of an undergraduate degree:

• Enrollment in a degree-seeking program including formal admission to a major.
• Completion of all departmental and liberal learning requirements.
• Attainment of a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 overall and meeting the required Exit Standards for the major (see each program for its Entrance, Retention, and Exit Standards).
• Completion of an application for graduation filed with the Office of Records and Registration prior to dates established and published each year.

Second or Additional Bachelor’s Degrees

Students who already have earned a bachelor’s degree, either from The College of New Jersey or another institution, may apply for a second baccalaureate. They should apply according to the procedures for transfer students. The following policies apply to second degree students:

1. Students must earn a minimum of 12 course units in addition to the courses already earned as part of the first bachelor’s degree.
2. All requirements for the new major must be completed.
3. This policy does not authorize the granting of two baccalaureate degrees simultaneously, since students have the option of taking a dual major.

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