Barkada in Tagalog translates "a group of friends." As the name suggests, we strive to create a sense of friendship and family among our members and with other organizations within and outside TCNJ. Barkada focuses largely on Filipino culture and heritage through cultural, social, and community activities; in doing so, we invite everyone to participate and learn more about Filipino culture. So if you're Filipino, have Filipino friends, enjoy Filipino food or other aspects of culture, or just want to try out something new- join the group and come out to our next events!


In Spring 2007, Barkada was proposed to Student Government Association (SGA) as the first organization to represent the Filipino community at The College of New Jersey. Met with SGA approval, Barkada was subsequently made an official organization. That same year, Barkada joined the Pan-Asian Alliance, a partnership involving Asian American Association (AAA), Chinese Culture Club (CCC), Japanese Club, and Indian Students Association (ISA).

Despite its youth, Barkada has made great strides and has indeed has successfully made its presence known outside and inside the TCNJ community. Several of Barkada's members have had the opportunity to participate in AAA's Mystique of the East, a cultural show involving Asian acts, dances, and musical performances by organizations in the Pan-Asian Alliance. In 2007's Mystique, several of Barkada's members were involved in the act Tinikling, the only Filipino (dance) act featured in the program during that year. Not only did Tinikling give the audience a taste and appreciation of Filipino culture, it was a representation of Filipino identity.

In addition to involvement in Mystique, Barkada seeks to extend its friendship and support with other organizations. In 2007, some of Barkada's members rehearsed and performed a Salsa act for Union Latina's Latin Explosion. Furthermore, Barkada attempts to create and extend student networks outside of the TCNJ campus by providing opportunities to see Filipino programs held in neighboring colleges/areas and to join Filipino Intercollegiate Network Dialogue (FIND).

Most importantly, Barkada tries to foster a sense of family within members through social activities such as dinner at Penangs, performance trips, and other activities. In addition, Barkada serves to educate members and nonmembers of Filipino culture and history, one example being through cultural and historical presentations during meetings.

In the future, Barkada hopes to sponsor (and cosponsor) more events. Several ideas that may be in the future are: creation of a dance troop, celebration of Filipino heritage month, and a BBQ. Barkada invites all to join and support this organization and its events.