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Current Promotion & Reappointment Process - 2008 -  - Feb. 22, 2010

Promotion and Reappointment Questions -

Question  1    I do not agree with some of the conclusions reached by my departmental PRC or the process they follow . How do I go about challenging their decision/recommendation?

Answer    1   It is CRITICAL that notification of an alleged violation by either a promotion or reappointment committee MUST be sent to the college president within TWENTY-ONE (21) days of the date the violation you believe occurred took place or when you should have reasonably known of its occurrence..

            If a 21-day letter is not sent to the college president, the alleged violation CANNOT BE CITED in any grievance subsequently filed relative to this matter.

The notification letter, referred to as a "21-Day Letter", to the college president need not go into great detail about the violation but MUST INDICATE both the nature of the violation and what section of either the contract or College policy you believe has been violated. You should contact the AFT office at X 2783 or IMMEDIATELY if you have any questions about an action related to either the promotions or reappointment process take be certain that appropriate action is taken to remedy the situation.

Details about both this notification letter and grievance can be found in the contract in Article VII.F  – Grievance Procedure.   Item 5.“Time Limits”, on page 18, states:  

“Claims of violation of procedure by any promotion or retention committee must have been reported to the President of the College/University by the individual grievant within twenty-one (21) days from the date on which such claimed violation took place or twenty-one (21) days from the date on which the individual grievant should have reasonably know of its occurrence. In the event of failure to report the occurrence within such twenty-one (21) day period, the matter may not be raised in any later grievance contesting the validity of such committee’s recommendation or any action based thereon.”  

Once the 21-day letter has been filed, the actual grievance must be filed with 45 days of the President's decision regarding the original 21-day letter. The college can and has rejected grievances if these time restrictions are not followed.


A sample “21-Day Letter” can be reviewed here.