MOA # 67 - Revisions to CD Agreement # 8

Pursuant to Appendix II, Article IV.A.5. of the Agreement between the State of New Jersey and the Council of New Jersey
College Locals, AFT, AFL-CIO, The College of New Jersey (the College) and the College of New Jersey Federation of
Teachers, Local 2364, AFT ( the Union) agree on the following principles and procedures governing the election of members
to and operation of the Career Development Committee (CDC).

This agreement replaces MOA # 8, dated April 7, 1978.

  1. Composition of Career Development Committee –
    The ten members of the CD committee will be chosen as follows:
    A.  One member each appointed by the College and the Union.
    B.  One member elected from and by each of the following full-time AFT
          bargaining unit groups:
             1)  School of Art, Media, and Music
             2)  School of Business
             3)  School of Culture and Society
             4)  School of Education
             5)  School of Engineering
             6)  School of Science
             7)  School of Nursing and the Library
             8)  Professional Staff
  2. Election Committee –
    A.  The CD Election Committee shall be composed of one member appointed
             by the College and one member appointed by the Union.
    B.   The CD election committee will conduct the election of CDC members.
    C.   The CD election committee will meet whenever either party requests a meeting.
  3. Election Procedure –

A.     A notice of a vacancy on the CDC will be sent to the appropriate AFT bargaining unit groups soliciting the individuals
   willing to stand for election.

B.     After receiving the names of volunteers, the CD Election Committee shall verify the eligibility of each candidate and
   prepare an election ballot.

C.     The election ballot will be distributed to the appropriate bargaining unit group, allowing at least 2 weeks to return the
   ballots, and insuring anonymity of individuals casting a vote.

D.     The CD Election Committee shall count the ballots and verify the election. Unit members will be invited to observe
   this process.

E.      With exception of the first year of this new MOA, the CD election shall take place during the first week in May.

F.      The first election under this new MOA will take place during the month of January, 2006 in order to have the new
   CD committee in place for  the January 2006 funding cycle.

4.       Terms of Service - CDC members will be elected following these guidelines –

A.  Elections to any fill any vacancies on the CDC will take place in the spring of
          the year with the new term of those elected beginning the following fall.

B.     The regular membership term on the CDC is two years.

C.     For the first two years of this new agreement, the following membership terms will apply:
School of Art, Media, and Music    one year term – ending June 2007
School of Business                          two year term – ending June 2008
School of Culture and Society         one year term – ending June 2007
School of Education                        two year term – ending June 2008
School of Engineering                      one year term – ending June 2007
School of Science                            two year term – ending June 2008
School of Nursing and the Library.   one year term – ending June 2007
Professional Staff                             two year term – ending June 2008

D.  All full-time faculty, either probationary or tenured, shall be eligible to serve on
the CD committee.

E.  The Professional Staff CDC member shall be elected from among those holding
          multi-year contracts or concurrent faculty rank.

  1. Election of a Chairperson - The Chairperson of the CDC shall be elected by the CD committee members 
        at the first meeting of the committee, normally at the beginning of the fall semester. The Chair shall serve 
        for a one year term.
  2. CDC Responsibilities -  The CDC shall have the following responsibilities:
    A.   Prepare and distribute to all eligible AFT unit members a “Request for CD Proposals.
              This shall be done three times during each academic year, typically in September,
              January and April.
    B.   Develop and inform eligible AFT unit members of the criteria to be used when CD
              proposals are reviewed.
    C.   Meet in order to review the proposals submitted.
    D.   Make a recommendation to the President concerning the funding of approved proposals.
    E.    Provide appropriate feedback to applicants for CD funding.
    F.    Review and monitor the CD budget.
    G.    Maintain the Career Development website.

Date:  Jan 5, 2006                                      Date:   Jan 5, 2006

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      Ralph Edelbach, President               Stephen Briggs, Provost
         TCNJ Federation of Teachers                         The College of New Jersey