AFT Membership Status & Dues Information
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If you are included in the AFT bargaining unit, you are either an AFT MEMBER or a NON-MEMBER and in the AGENCY FEE  category. You may determine that by checking your on-line payroll information through YESS.  After successfully entering your username and password, you should be able to access your payroll information. Look for the category "After Tax Deductions." There could be more than one item shown there depending on your preferences but you are looking for one of the items listed in the "Designation" (yellow cells) column on the table below, which is your AFT deduction as well as your AFT MEMBERSHIP STATUS. If you never signed an AFT Membership Card, you are NOT an AFT member.

If you are NOT AN ADJUNCT FACULTY, you are in the FT/PT bargaining unit. In that case  "AFT Un Ds" represents your AFT dues and you ARE AN AFT MEMBER

A NON-MEMBER would have "AFT Ag Ud" for the "AGENCY REPRESENTATION FEE" deducted from their pay. This amount/percentage represents the funds expended by the AFT to negotiate and enforce the contract which applies to ALL AFT UNIT MEMBERS as well as handle legal issues arising from contractual violations such as arbitration and other related expenses. 

If you are an ADJUNCT FACULTY, you are in the AFT Adjunct Faculty bargaining unit. Either of these two terms will appear in the deduction box:  "ADJ Un Ud"  which indicates you are paying AFT dues and ARE AN AFT MEMBER  OR  "ADJ Ag Ud" which means you are paying the "agency representation fee"  and  ARE NOT AN AFT MEMBER.

AFT Deduction    
Bargaining Unit Category Designation Salary Deduction
FT/PT Member * AFT Un Ds 0.85 %
  Non-Member ** AFT Ag Ud 85 % of 0.85 %
Adjunct Faculty Member * ADJ Un Ud 1.9 %
  Non-Member ** ADJ AG Ud 85 % of 1.9 %

  * - AFT Membership Dues  -   FT/PT =  0.85 % of salary
                                               Adjunct Faculty =  1.9 % of salary

** - Agency Representation Fee =  85 % of AFT membership dues

Examples -

A comparison of the "agency representation fee" and "dues" paid by full-time AFT unit members at two different salaries is provided below.

Yearly Salary AFT Dues Agency Rep Fee Difference/Yr
  0.85% 0.72%  
 $   50,000.00  $ 425.00  $ 361.25  $   63.75
 $ 100,000.00  $ 850.00  $ 722.50  $ 127.50

If you ARE NOT AN AFT MEMBER, your AFT DEDUCTION will ONLY increase a very modest amount each pay check when you join the AFT.

One benefit of joining the AFT is that AFT MEMBERS receive liability coverage under the AFT's Occupational Liability Insurance program. You never know when a program of that type can be valuable in today's litigious world.

The important things is that by being a member, you will be HELPING TO MAKE YOUR UNION STRONGER AND BETTER ABLE TO REPRESENT YOU.

A membership card can be downloaded here, signed and returned via campus mail to Local 2364, AR 101 M.

Contact us if you have any questions about this.   or   X 2783