Membership Rep Meeting Minutes – Sep 17, 2003  -  Minutes drafted by Ralph Edelbach 

Approval of Minutes  - Minutes from Apr 24, 2003 Memrep meeting will be e-mailed shortly and reviewed at the next meeting

Attending:  Art Chilakos, Alex Czeto, Ralph Edelbach Tony Evangelisto, Daryl Fair, Art Hohmuth, Glen Goldberg, Maureen Gorman, Lincoln Konkle, Frank Kolp, John Krimmel, Janet Morrison, Joanne Popowski, Susan Ryan, Subarna Samanta, Adbus Shahid, Mort Winston, Jose Valentin

Special Announcement: President Edelbach welcomed Janet Morrison as the new membership representative from the biology
        department and expressed appreciation to Ed Rockel for his many years of service in that position.

Agenda Items –

1.       Faculty Range Adjustments and Professional Staff Promotions -
   Faculty Range Adjustments – 3 applications – 2 approved  - 1 approved for “market-based adjustment”
   Professional Staff Promotions – no applications

2.      Recruitment – 34 new full-time hires –  18 tenure track faculty,  12 temporary faculty, 4 professional staff
    Recruitment materials and membership cards distributed to membership rep. Should contact new
      folks ASAP. Invite them to “Welcome & Retirement Dinner” Friday, Nov 7, 2003  Invitations to
      this event are being sent to all new hires

3.             Contract Ratification –Feedback from unit members about tentative agreement seems to generally be positive. Meeting for full-time unit on Wednesday, Oct 1 at 3:30 in Forcina 132. Adjunct faculty meeting on Wednesday, Oct 7 at 3:30 in Armstrong Hall 136. Keep office posted if you hear anything about organized resistance to voting “yes.” Ballots will be mailed out from American Arbitration Association next week. Encourage everyone to vote and vote YES.

4.             Membership Representative Organization – discussion of ways to make the organization more effective and representative of unit. Following points discussed:
Issues to consider:
             1.  MR should be union member – no disagreement
             2.  Eligibility – Should MR be tenured or not? Rationale?
             3.  How should MR be selected? Volunteer, elected by department / office ? Other?
             4.  Voting  -  Should each MR have one vote or multiple votes depending on size of the
                        group she/he represents?
             5.  What groups be represented by professional staff MR?
             6.  Should the Local’s constitution or bylaws be revised to formally incorporate the MR
             7.  Should we form a sub-committee to study this issue? If so, who is willing to serve?

5.             PS Evaluation – Grievance filed by former professional staff member of ratings being changed by their supervisor. Going to arbitration soon. Much concern by PS over unrealistic requirements for a rating of 3 and attempt by administration to keep scores below 215 which is required to apply for a professional staff promotion. PS sub-committee being formed to study this matter and make recommendation for a proposal we will make to the administration.

6.             Curriculum Transformation
A.  First Year Seminar – Not enough full-time faculty have volunteered to teach sections of freshman seminar this spring. 26 sections are being offered this semester. Bob Anderson soliciting faculty for the spring but not having much luck so far. Many discussions about what might happen if there are not enough faculty are willing to teach FYS in the fall, 2004 semester. Even though some favor teaching all 80 sections of FYS in the fall semester, that doesn’t seem possible.

B.  New Writing Course -  Primarily being staffed by adjunct faculty. Administration refused to agree to Local’s proposal that AF teaching this enhanced course receive additional compensation for each SH. He did volunteer to pay a $ 250 one-time bonus to AF for developing a new syllabus for this course. Many AF expressed disappointment at the administration’s refusal to recognize that considerably more work will be required to teach this and other “enhanced courses. We are preparing a work load survey for all AF teaching this course to be distributed shortly. We will use the information collected to prepare another proposal for increased compensation and present it to the administration before the end of this semester.

C.  Accountability for Flexible Time – The administration continues to be interested in some scheme by which faculty will account for their use of the 6 hours of flexible time which will be substituted for 6 SH of teaching when the new curriculum is implemented. There have been many questions about why this is necessary given the emphasis CFA placed on existing procedures such as promotion, retention, and the five-year review. No one is in favor of an addition process in order to justify what is done under that 6 SH of flexible time. The Provost’s September 5, 2003 “Opening Letter” asks each academic unit to develop expectations in the area of scholarship, service, and advising/mentoring” by October 31. It is not clear how these expectations are to be used and how they will align with current retention and promotion expectations. The Provost’s letter also includes the quote from the CFA report that faculty be “fully engaged within the 6 FWH set aside for non-teaching activities.” Obviously the words “fully engaged” are fuzzy and the CFA did not elaborate on what they had in mind when they included that phrase. If the administration feels that some method should be developed to monitor the extent of faculty engagement for those 6 SH, they must clearly explain the rationale for it and also insure that any proposed changes go through the necessary governance reviews. The Local will make certain that all negotiable issues are dealt with appropriately.

7.             College Promotions Committee -  As a result of the recent reorganization of The College’s schools, it is necessary that the College Promotions Committee be restructured to reflect this change. The CFA recommended that the committee be expanded from 10 to 12 members with the following composition:
            Culture and Society           3 members
            Science                            2 members
            Education                         2 members
           Art, Media, Music              1 member
            Business                           1 member
            Engineering                       1 member
           Library                               1 member
            Nursing                             1 member
This appears to be an appropriate change and the Local will sign a MOA with the Administration to
make this realignment.

8.             Meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm