TSCFT Membership Rep Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, Sep 17, 2003  -  12:30 to 1:40

1.            Review and accept minutes of last MR meeting  –  Apr 24, 03  -  Will be e-mailed soon!

2.            Faculty Range Adjustments and Professional Staff Promotions
    3 Range Adjustment applications  –  2 approved
    0 PS Promotion applications  -   None approved

3.            Recruitment – New faculty and PS

4.            Contract Ratification -
     “Voice” being mailed to unit member’s homes next week
     “Voice” on-line as PDF file at   http://www.cnjscl.org 
     Membership meeting, Wed, Oct 1, 3:30 to 5, Forcina Hall 135
     American Arbitration Association conducting voting by mail
     Ballots due back by mid-October

5.            Membership Representative Organization  –
    Function, representation, formalization of role in Local 2364
    Not mentioned in our constitution. Should it be included in bylaws?

6.            PS Evaluations  –  Grievance over changed ratings on performance review

7.            Curriculum Transformation Issues
A.  Freshman seminar courses –
     Who will teach them? Can’t be taught by adjunct faculty
     What happens if not enough FT faculty volunteer to develop and teach these courses?
     We will need 80 sections for the AY 2003 – 04  for 1200 freshman.
     26 sections being offered this semester. Only a few presently listed for spring.

B.  New writing course
      Primarily staffed by AF. Briggs won’t give any additional $$ for teaching course.
      Will give one-time grant of $ 250 for developing syllabus.
      AF will be asked to keep track of work load during this semester. Info to be used
          when negotiating salary increase for the spring 2004 semester if warranted.

C.  Accountability for 6 hrs flexible time
      What standards will be established and who will set them?
      How will compliance be monitored and what happens if someone
          doesn’t perform adequately?
      Approval process for activities under 6 hrs flexible time?
      MOA describing new arrangement and how

8.            College Promotions Committee Restructuring
     To reflect new school structure

9.            Other issues: