May 1, 2002 General Membership Agenda and Information
3:30 to 4:45 pm , Armstrong Hall 136
Refreshments will be served!


  1. Election of delegates to AFT national convention (more info below)
  2. Faculty and Student Work
        Approval Process for completed work
        Fourth hour proposal - Ralph Edelbach's response to CAP and CFA
        Mathematics and Statistics Department's SURVEY
  3. Tuition Remission Update
  4. State and TCNJ budget update
  5. Early retirement incentive
  6. Accrued leave calculation revision - discussion and approval
  7. Other topics?

AFT National Convention 
  Las Vegas, NV
    Date:     Monday July 15 - Registration & Opening session
                  Thursday, July 18 -  Closing session
    Election of Delegates  - 
        Our Local is entitled to send 6 delegates to the convention. Local 2364's  constitution designates the Local's president as one delegate. The other 5 are elected at a general membership meeting. In this case the May 1 meeting.                     

                    Delegate Electoral Procedure  ( From AFT's web site )

The AFT, as a national union, is subject to the provisions of the Landrum-Griffin Act. 
This federal law, as well as the AFT constitution, requires that:

        1. Each member shall have a reasonable opportunity to be nominated as a delegate.

        2. Notice of election of delegates shall be mailed to each member at least 15 days in 
                advance of the election.

        3. Election shall be by secret ballot.

        4. Results shall be published and records (including ballots) kept for one year. 

It is not necessary to nominate and elect the full number of delegates allotted provided that the local
passes a rule prior to the nominations setting the number to be elected.

Although many locals divide expense allocations equally by common practice, the Labor Department
has ruled that expenses need not be distributed equally among the delegates, provided that the rule for
allocating the expenses is passed before the nomination of candidates and provided further that the rule
must be reasonable and one that can be uniformly enforced. Using the example previously cited, the rule
could provide that the five delegates receiving the highest votes would receive expenses; the remaining
five would not. It could not be left to the discretion of a local officer to decide which five of the 10 would
receive the expenses.

The president or other elected union officer may serve as a delegate without a special election provided

    1.He/she was elected to office by secret ballot according to provisions of the Landrum-Griffin Act.

    2.The local constitution or bylaws state that one of the duties of office is to be a delegate 
            to the national AFT convention.

Financial Support from Local:

    Projected expenses per person: 4 days including travel
        Airfare:                  $ 300
        Parking/Trans      $ 100
        Rooms:                  $ 480  ( $ 120/night )
        Daily Expenses:c  $ 300   ( $  75/day )
            Total:      $ 1180

           Tentative Convention Program: